Anup Jalota

During a trip in Baroda it was a bit of an awkward moment in morning just before lunch that a famous indian bhajan player was coming and wanted to play something at Babaji’s feet. Babaji came out...

A symphony to the Divine

We were on a yatra in Rajasthan & Gujarat and stayed a day in Ahmedabad with a devotee. A nice simple arrangement in the center of town where a modest tent was set up on a small square opposite the house.

Important Haidakhandi Samaj Information

FRAUD ALERT An unscrupulous cheat has hacked and taken over the old Haidakhandi Samaj id.


    Day 1 Welcome Ladies and Gentleman, Brothers and Sisters to the celebrations of Ashwin Navaratri at Anandpuri asham. According to the Vedic calendar, it is...

The priceless gift of sight at 50€

The priceless gift of sight at ₹3500 (50€) - Diwali - the time to share your abundance : Sponsor a cataract operation at the free eye camps of the Shree Baba Haidakhan Charitable & Research Hospital.

Ashwin Navaratra Report

1-10 October 2016 - Haidakhandi Samaj, AnandaPuri Asham - Dear Sisters and Brothers, With the Divine Blessings of Shri 1008 Babaji, I take delight in sharing this report of the Ashwan Navaratra Celebrations, at the Anandpuri Ashram at Chillyanaula.

A worldwide view

Dear Brothers & Sisters,What a great blessing which we do take for granted everyday. With Muniraj’s blessing, we have been able to open a hospital in Babaji’s name where...

The colourful Haidiyakhandi fabric

Between all the items I had in the shop there were also langoti's (loincloth ) I never really paid attention until somebody bought a couple saying they were so comfortable to wear in the ashram life style...

Greetings from The Maha Shakti Dhuni

Dear Brothers and Sisters, The Duni is in good shape and well cared for by Sangeeta at the moment. The new floor which was placed earlier this year is beautiful and a pleasure to work with for those who do service there.

Our Haidakhandi Samaj in India is in need of our help!

Dear Babaji Family, our Haidakhandi Samaj in India is in need of our help! It is facing difficulty due to the fact that donations are not coming in and India is becoming more expensive.

Haidakhandi International Journal 14

The new Haidakhandi International Journal #14 is online with many articles on "Service to Humanity - Service to our Community" and also news from the world. It can be downloaded or read in many languages with only one click here : Bhole Baba ki Jai !

News on both of our hospitals (ayurvedic & charitable)

Bhole Baba Ayurveda Hospital – A new look update   Shree Baba Haidakhan Charitable & Research Hospital – An update  


Dear Friends, It’s in 10 days and it is still time to join ! 😃 We are now inviting you to join us on the 5 day...


A new project has been initiated by Dr Vandana Lal under the auspices of the Haidakhandi Samaj to provide development assistance to girl children in the impoverished...

Jai HO

is an impulse for renewal, cooperation and love within the International Babaji community. It was born out of the gathering of many devotees from around the world who have expressed an urgent need for support to Babaji’s hospitals and communities world-wide. It promotes projects and offers opportunities to serve. So you are welcome to read, make your suggestions, share your events, news or pictures and participate in anyway ! Bhole Baba ki Jai !
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