Ashwin Navaratri 2018 Havan Talks

by Raghuvir   Day 1 Welcome Brothers & Sisters, Ladies & Gentleman to Ashwin Navaratri 2075 according to the Vedic calendar. We are so fortunate that we...


Dear Sisters & Brothers. Many of you may not know who Titti , Ma Shiva Mayi is, but she has been at Babaji's feet in 1983 and never left Them. Perhaps not much in India but very active in Babaji's worldwide leela. She will now take care of the gorgeous ashram of Babaji in south Italy and help to unite old and new devotees.

2018 Ashwin Navaratri Celebrations Invitation

You are heartily invited to come to the Ashwin Navaratri celebrations in Chiliyanoula from 10th to 19th of October 2018. Chiliyanoula is Shri Muniraj’s expression on his devotion for Babaji. He kept his duty going till his last breath...

Gurupurnima & Bhakti Festival 2018 Havan Speeches

Bhole Baba ki Jai ! Welcome Sisters and Brothers to the International Guru Purnima Celebrations at Siddhashram in Switzerland. This beautiful place was started about 36 years back and has seen many stages in it’s development. Here it is also called the center of Unity and so many faiths have united here according to the vision of the founder, our dear brother Sundar Baba.

Haidakhandi International Journal #17

From the Editors : Gaby and I are saying goodbye as editors of the Journal.  We have enjoyed collating, editing and publishing it since 2009, but we both feel it is time to hand this work over now to the next generation. If you like communicating with Haidakhandis from around the world, and keeping up to date with Babaji events and community gossip, new publications and inspirational teachings, plus enjoy editing, this might just be the job for YOU ! 

Haidakhandi Samaj Website New Address / ID

Message from Sanjeev Sarna General Secretary of the Haidakhandi Samaj Dear Sisters & Brothers. Trust this mail finds all well and in fine spirits. I am reaching...

Oh Lord who resides in my heart

    Oh Lord, You, who resides in my heart Maya is strong and always pulling me in all directions. Oh compassionate one,  hear my prayer Oh...

Invitation Into Heart Conversations

by Loknath - January 2018 Dear Sisters and Brothers : I am reading Eknath Easwaran’s translation of The Bhagavad Gita. I find its’ ancient text and wonderful commentaries very resonant of Babaji and so offer this invitation.

Haidakhandi International Journal 17

Haidakhandi International Journal 16

Namaste from the Maha Shakti Dhuni

  We like to show you one of the big yearly events happening at the back stage of the Dhuni. The collection of firewood. This monsoon the...

The priceless gift of sight at 50€

The priceless gift of sight at ₹3500 (50€) - Diwali - the time to share your abundance : Sponsor a cataract operation at the free eye camps of the Shree Baba Haidakhan Charitable & Research Hospital.

A worldwide view

Dear Brothers & Sisters,What a great blessing which we do take for granted everyday. With Muniraj’s blessing, we have been able to open a hospital in Babaji’s name where...

Our Haidakhandi Samaj in India is in need of our help!

Dear Babaji Family, our Haidakhandi Samaj in India is in need of our help! It is facing difficulty due to the fact that donations are not coming in and India is becoming more expensive.

News on both of our hospitals (ayurvedic & charitable)

Bhole Baba Ayurveda Hospital – A new look update   Shree Baba Haidakhan Charitable & Research Hospital – An update  

Jai HO

is an impulse for renewal, cooperation and love within the International Babaji community. It was born out of the gathering of many devotees from around the world who have expressed an urgent need for support to Babaji’s hospitals and communities world-wide. It promotes projects and offers opportunities to serve. So you are welcome to read, make your suggestions, share your events, news or pictures and participate in anyway ! Bhole Baba ki Jai !
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