Chaitra Navaratri 2018 Invitation


  DEAR BROTHERS AND SISTERS Our Haidakhan Samaj Chairman, Shri Alok Banerjee is inviting you for the Chaitra Navaratri celebrations in Herakhan.   The Divine union of Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati will dwell amongst us in their sacred spirit. We will pray, sing and dance to Them and celebrate Their presence as our …

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Shivaratri 2018


Dear Brother and Sisters, Yogendra & Pallu like to invite you for a great gathering in Manda Ashram in Gujerath India. Since 35 years Babaji has been traveling to Gujerath for this celebration and also now Shri Babaji’s Paduka’s will be going there…

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Gurupurnima 2018 from 24th to 28th July – Switzerland


  Dear Brothers and Sisters, Happiness is a choice so let’s make it a Happy New Year and indulge in the Divine. We like to welcome you to the international Haidakhandi Gurupurnima gathering! We are happy to celebrate this Guru Purnima together again at Schweibenalp, the Center of Unity. Guru Purnima is celebrated in …

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Sri Sri Sitaram Das Omkaranathji


    Sri Sri Sitaram Das Omkaranathji Meets Sri Babaji “…In February, 1981, after completing a nine-day yagya in Bombay, Sri Babaji and a small party flew to Calcutta for a brief stay, at the urgent request of Sri Sib Narayan nandi. Nandi Baba, as Sri Nandi was called, not only wanted Sri Babaji …

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Dear Brothers & Sisters,   Let your soul swing !   Lots of opportunities coming up in 2018. Bhakti festivals are planned in Italy, Holland and the UK. At Guru Purnima in Switzerland there will also be good opportunities for heart churning Bhajans. We have some dates for now but programs are in the making. We …

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Jai HO is supporting the Haidakhandi Samaj in the renewal of publications, including newly published material, such as:   1. Aarati book for harmonium player, written big, easy to turn over the pages (with one hand), laminated (covered in plastic) to withstand water and smoke, to be put on the top of a harmonium. The paper and the spiral have both improved …

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Shri Vishnu Datt Sastri


by Raghuvir Bringing to your memory that today (19 november) is 14 years ago that Shri Vishnu Datt Sastri has left his body. Babaji loved him dearly and spoke highly of him and his wisdom. Babaji’s family owes much to him for the intellectual heritage we share through the many works he composed. Once …

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Gaura Devi


by Raghuvir   Do you know Gaura Devi ? Perhaps you know of Gaura Devi from the books she wrote or from hear say. This Italian devotee stayed longer and more with Babaji then anybody. This is an inspiration to send her a postcard. She may not know who you are at this point …

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Namaste from the Maha Shakti Dhuni


  We like to show you one of the big yearly events happening at the back stage of the Dhuni. The collection of firewood. This monsoon the river was fully flooded and brought large pieces of wood to our Herakhan valley. It was chopped into smaller pieces, floated down to the Dhuni area and …

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Ram Pyari in Memoriam

      Everybody in the Babaji community knows my mother Ram Pyari. She arrived first in India to Herakhan the 20 of March 1996. She was not Babaji’s devotee at that moment, she simply decided to follow me because she was afraid that I was taken by some indian sect.  After one month …

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