Here is a list of Karma yoga jobs in the Haidakhandi Samaj, Babaji’s ashrams & centers world wide. There are the usual benefits of doing Babaji’s yoga and the blessings which come with that but many jobs also have extra benefits as all sorts of skills are highly sought after in different places. Feel invited to check if you have the skills and some time to spare to help grow and maintain Babaji’s organisation and spread the word. Bhole Baba ki Jai !


Handyman Crestone, Colorado, USAFrom May to Nov, 201713/07/2017
Plumber Asti, ITALYMay to October 201703/05/2017
Electrician Asti, ITALYMay to October 201703/05/2017
Carpenter Asti, ITALYMay to October 201703/05/2017
Gardener Asti, ITALYMay to October 201703/05/2017
Visiting pujari Kamalaya Wellness Resort, Koh Samui THAILAND3 month period21/12/2016
Navaratri Karma YogiChilianaula and Haidakhan, INDIAOne month before Navaratri29/11/2016
Assisting Samaj secretaryDelhi, INDIAFrom now23/11/2016
Dhuni PujariHerakhan, INDIASummer time23/11/2016
Painting skills Loenen, HOLLAND,No limit23/11/2016


And as ashrams and centers, feel also welcome to send your offers to info@jai-ho.org

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