The colourful Haidiyakhandi fabric

by Raghuvir



Between all the items I had in the shop there were also langoti’s (loincloth) I never really paid attention until somebody bought a couple saying they were so comfortable to wear in the ashram life style…  There was now only one left so I decided to buy the last one for my self. It was bright violet/pink coloured and went to the riverbed to take my bath. It was in the middle of monsoon however the water was not so high at that moment but the deep trenches cut by the roaring river were very evident. I was quietly doing my things sitting in my new shiny pink langoti when Babaji appeared with some villagers on the other side of the river coming from the cave side . The water was still well over knee deep so caution was necessary and they were holding each other while crossing. Babaji was on the lead. Wanting to be helpful I stepped with one leg in the river keeping a solid stand and stretched out arm to offer some sort of support for Babaji. Instead of taking my hand He took me by the wrist and led me up the side of the river and kept holding me….. They were all talking in Hindi, probably kumouni, the local language and I could not follow anything. Babaji still holding my arm all of a sudden the attention of everybody was on my pink langoti and loud laughter erupted. More funny things were said and more laughter of everybody. Feeling quite embarrassed and ridiculous with the attention I was undergoing the experience while Babaji was firmly holding my wrist. Then on order of Babaji one of the villagers was told to take my arm from Babaji and with a lot of fun in the group he was holding me now and we all went for a walk………It took maybe 20 minutes of walking, laughing and attention on my pink langoti before finally he could let go.  I only understood the next day that Babaji sort of married me to that villager……That pink langoti never became popular with me……..

What really went on there I have no idea if there was any teaching there for me or perhaps for the villagers but in any case it went over my head. So it became another story. Everybody has stories. Stories with the Sathguru are often used as guidelines or inspirations. Most of you have stories which have connected you somehow with Babaji beyond His physical form. The word Guru in Sanskrit means from darkness to light and is actually an inner voice leading us from our ignorant confused mental state towards the Divine Light. Whether we are able to hear that inner voice thru the loud mental noise we have going on in daily life is the question (due the illusions in our mind)  The sadhana’s Babaji has given us are a great help to punch some holes into the dense fabric of thoughts and emotions we have woven around us. With more awareness of what is going on in our heads and replace some of this nonsense and worries with teachings and The holy Name we polish up our Sadhana enormously.

So however interesting, inspirational, boring or funny these stories are to you, what counts more is your story, what connects you to Babaji. How you can deepen your relationship, become more aware of that voice in your heart which will lead you into a more expanded consciousness. We are so extremely fortunate to know Babaji by name and are able to call on Him thru the various ways He has given us. Babaji is no ordinary Guru. He was not trying to make a new religion, no new concepts to hang on to. He gave us simple guidelines to reach that Divine light everybody has in His heart. To know Him is an invitation from Him and know that you are loved and accepted but we still need to do the work !

Since Babaji is beyond time and omnipresent, there is no who came before or after to His feet, there is no high or low, no V.I.P or outcast. Even if some of us who came before or after hold such believes, it is an illusion whether you are pro or anti ! We all have our role to play in this big world theatre. We cannot play somebody elses role. Our realisation of God in our heart lies in playing our own role to the best of our abilities and not to worry about others. There are already so many others, let’s just be ourselves and together live the colourful fabric of Haidiyakhandi Baba.


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