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Dear Brothers & Sisters,my-eyes-openWhat a great blessing which we do take for granted everyday.

With Muniraj’s blessing, we have been able to open a hospital in Babaji’s name where we can extend this blessing to many people. And we are doing it in His name and with great success !

Our cooperation with the Charitable Dr Shroff hospital from Delhi has given our hospital a new boost. More professional management, better service and better working conditions for the doctors and nurses. With our equipment we have reached an excellent standard now and are the best eye hospital in the whole region. Dental is also doing well and growing as well as an ear nose and throat facility with doctor  is being set up.

Apart from all the local people who come themselves to the hospital, we were able to keep eye camps in remote areas where the poorest people get a chance to get treatment and see again ! Last year we could service 25000 patients in Hospital OPD and done surgeries on around 1500 patient. It is really wonderful that we as Babaji’s devotees can do such service for the needy people who live in extremely simple conditions.

All good news only the numbers of this year are down to  20000 patients and estimate we will be doing around 1200 surgeries. There are not so much donations coming in. Now we have made it up to this great level of operations and cooperations. Obviously the Shroff hospital is not helping us financially but we have learned from them that getting donations from generous people who are associated with us (devotees) is a wonderful thing.

But getting companies, foundations and organisations involved who may also reap tax benefits who will support this on a consistent bases is so much more beneficial for progress of our hospital. We have great opportunities for expansion in all sorts of directions. The Kumoun is still a very poor area where our support can stretch a long way .


 Have a world view

So please think with us, who do we know in India and the world ,
whom can we contact to seek participation in our project.
There are professional brochures available for this work,
we need to do this together in HIS name to make it a success.
We are the Samaj, The Haidiyakhandi Samaj, Babaji’s organisation.
See what you can do within our organisation.

Our web site for information, donations and contact is here :


Phuro , Be inspired…..


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