2017 Guru Purnima Havan speeches

by Raghuvir

Fire_LingamDay 1

Welcome Brothers and Sisters to the international Guru Purnima Celebrations at Babaji’s Home in Germany, Bhole Baba Ashram.

It is such a blessing to break away from the hustle and bustle of our daily life and enjoying some days together in this Divine energy. By simply being here and following the Haidiyakhandi program, Babaji’s presence can be felt and a natural shift from our head to our heart seems to take place. It does not matter if it is your first time here or you came a 100 times, this blessing works for everybody.

While the world out there is playing the trump card, economy has it’s usual imbalance and fear is lavishly distributed by media amongst humanity, we are reaching out for inner peace here. We better come to terms that there will never be just peace and harmony in this dualistic world we are living in. Through 1000’s of years when the times of Rama, Krishna & Christ who have walked the earth, deceit, greed, jealousy and war have been part of the human experience. Our inner turmoil is reflecting into the world around us. To recognize this takes honesty and strength but it is a major step towards our inner peace which will reflect around us. As advocated by the Rishis and saints thru the cycles of time, the only way out is in. It is close to 40 years ago, brothers and sisters, that Babaji’s leela started here in the Sieg in Germany. Shri Saraswati Ma planted His seed which in these years have blossomed into this beautiful Bhole Baba Ashram. Thousands have passed thru here and taken Shri Babaji’s blessings. Many devotees have supported Saraswati in establishing this wonder here. Anjani, Rajendra, Nirmala and now Kushal Singh have taken the responsibility of leading Babaji’s family into the future. Each with their flavor of their personality. Open heaSaraswatiMa_Alokjirts and minds enjoy the colorful patterns of different personalities. Constricted personalities have tendency to hold on to egoic ideas and repel new ways of doing and thinking. We cannot change another person however much we try. At best, with love and understanding, we can inspire others. Shri Babaji loves us all. He said “I am Harmony”. Since we are seeking to do Babaji’s work and bring Babaji closer in our lives, it is extremely important to seek harmony by becoming aware of our constricted mind and judgments. Instead, we can support and inspire each other by creating, each adding their ingredients, the wonderful soup of Babaji’s Presence in our midst and within ourselves.
The Divine must be smiling up on us, brothers and sisters, for all the stage is set for a great Divine experience here, at this beautiful Bhole Baba ashram. It is said that we are in Kali Yuga and the general level of Dharma is very low, but in these times, it is also easier to poke thru the veil of this dualistic maya and experience the oneness of the Divine. We will need to do the work of our spiritual practices in complete awareness. With our faith in Babaji as our spiritual guide, as our Guru, we are amongst the super blessed ones on this planet. Bhole Baba ki Jai !

Shri Alok Banerjee, the chairman of the Haidiyakhandi Samaj has come from India to celebrate these blessed days together with us. He will now guide us into the first havan of the 4 days Yagna dedicated to our Sath Guru, Shri Shri 1008 Herakhan Whale Baba. Shri Maarten Baba has come from Holland and will enrich this powerful ritual with his beautiful recitations of the havan Mantra’s and sloka’s.

All of you will be blessed by just being here during this sacred ritual. Perhaps we can not fulfill everybody’s desire to sit and offer at the havankund. Remember that it is the point to be here in these vibrations. Babaji once said, the true offering is karma yoga. It is thru our offering of karmayoga that we create a vibration in which Babaji is now dwelling amongst us.

Today are invited to sit & offer at the havankund :



Day 2


Good morning and welcome, brothers and sisters, to the 2nd day of the Gurupurnima celebrations in this lush green valley of Riefenrath at Babaji’s ashram. Gathering again around this sacred fireplace for this powerful and magical ritual of havan to which most of us feel so deeply attracted and have different experiences. It is very important that the ritual, the ingredients and the mantra’s are all executed correctly to have the full benefit. The one who leads the havan, the one who speaks the mantra’s and those who prepare it all should be knowledgeable of havan, but it really does not seem to matter so much who is actually fulfilling the task apart from the emotional added value. The formula seems to work again and again and benefit all who are present. To enjoy the full benefit, it is highly recommended to not take this experience as me and mine. With this identification of this sacred act we create a dependence, an attachment in ourselves that in turn creates anxiety which is the opposite of what we really are seeking. Here starts the true path of the spiritual seeker in being aware of these processes inside of us, what are my thoughts and how am I acting on them. In just being present in full awareness during this beautiful ritual, following the words and melodies of the mantra’s, the crackling of the fire digesting the offerings and absorbing the powerful healing vibrations and being aware how our inner being responds to this is surely the best way of being here and now. Practicing awareness is the most powerful key in all our spiritual practices. It is thru awareness that we can see how necessary it is for us to heal our pains and blockages. We can offer tons of samagree and repeat millions of mantra’s but without adding awareness and get lost in identifying our person in the process, it can become easily an ego gratifying act where many blessings are wasted.

As Babaji expressed it so eloquently “Let your life be like that of the rose, sharing it’s fragrance and beauty freely with it’s surroundings”. That is where selfless service, where real freedom is hidden. So brothers and sisters practice awareness while enjoying the 2nd havan that our chairman Shri Alok Banerjee is going to conduct for the benefit of us all. Deeply absorbed in his selfless service our pandit Maarten Baba will recite the Havan mantra’s & sloka’s to invoke the various aspects of the Divine. Together we are offering from our heart but only so many of us can actually sit on that front row. Let whether you sit there or not be of importance in your experience of this beautiful ancient ritual.

Those who are invited today to sit at the havankund are ;



Day 3

Welcome, Brother& Sisters, to the 3rd day of the Guru Purnima celebrations at Bhole Baba Ashram in Riefenrath. This Divine presence with all our prayers and rituals opens our hearts and creates love in the air….aaahhh Love is all we need ! We all want to love and be loved. It’s the reason for the Divine having interest in us. Love is the natural order in this universe, the power in nature, the main attraction from the gentle touch, to the forceful winds of change. Love is that mysterious force from the hearts memory of being in the womb back to the oneness of before the big bang. Devotion, love for the Divine is deeply imbedded in the Indian spirit but these are matters of the heart and those of us who have not been born into this concept can learn fast it seems here. The matters of the heart, love is beyond logic and understanding, and embracing also that which is not understood and even able to accept things controversial to our mind.

In the quest of our life, we may have encountered situations that made us contract and harden ourselves and unable or have difficulty to connect with that powerful force of love pulsating throughout the universe. Make love a practice: Love the Divine, your family or friends or a pet animal, love the food you eat, the things you do, love being alive, love whatever you can and practice to embrace with love where you are challenged to love. Reawaken that everyday fresh with renewed intention and let it flower and blossom so you may become love, as it really is your true nature… Love nature from the worms that provide oxygen to plants and food to the birds to the eagles soaring high in the sky. Love your pains, love your share of karma, love your life, love yourself. Discover for yourself that truly there is nothing personal in Love, it is a most powerful impersonal force present everywhere and a very important wonderful aspect of the Divine.

Babaji is showing unconditional love which is a very big thing, very difficult to live up to
for us limited people. But we can practice! Giving a smile creates a smile, be love and receive love. Babaji is love and Love is Babaji, so your practicing love will bring you closer to Him. Love is present everywhere and here and now, we can feel that easily. It all depends on how much we can connect with it, what we can experience. Gratitude, patience and forgiveness are great friends with love and often travel together when practiced.

One great practice of love we are about to start here now with Shri Alok Banerjee who will lead us into the third havan of the 4 day Yagna dedicated to our beloved Babaji, Shri Shri 1008 Herakhan Whale Baba. Thru his devotion and dedication Maarten Baba has discovered the love in the rituals and the Sanskrit language and is there for able to serve the Divine and all of us here with his wonderful recitations of the havan Mantra’s and sloka’s during this sacred fire ceremony. Those invited to sit and offer at the havankund are:


Day 4


Babaji_fireWelcome, Brothers & Sisters, to Guru Purnima, The full moon celebration of the Guru, of our Guru Babaji. Bhole Baba ki Jai ! There are many Guru’s teaching a great variety of things around the world, on so many different subjects of self improvement and spirituality. There are lots of teachers who have interesting knowledge, teaching and techniques to share. Go to the wise and learn and so many of us did. The true teacher, the whispering voice in our own heart which is always present, who supports and loves you unconditionally is impossible to find. One can guru shop until you drop, but that true Guru is only finding you, when you are ready for it. This connection with Him is often since life times and when we have matured enough in this life, He will appear to us. Spiritual purification practices are of course a great help from your side, but running around looking for the ONE is really a waist of time.

Actually at Guru Purnima, we celebrate the inner Guru, that timeless, inner guide that leads us from darkness to light, who speaks to us in soft whisperings, beyond the noise of our mind from our very own heart. We human beings are locked in our bodies, decorated with personalities and therefor love to personalize our own teacher, master, Guru and celebrate him on this day.

Oh blessed ones, we have been called here by the Sathguru, by Babaji, by Lord Shiva’s manifestation in this period in time. Praise the Lord for He has again taken an interest in lifting us up from darkness to light, from ignorance to consciousness. Beyond our mental noise, He is speaking to us. He will lead us but we will need to pay – attention, Oh Shaar Sahab Dahan, the Lord has come into our lives. Paying attention is doing our practice like repeating the holy names with Japa, Kirtan, Saptasati, Karma Yoga, Seva and focusing with great attention on our mind. Our mind is our most needed instrument on one side and, on the other side, our worst enemy keeping us away from that soft Divine whisper and the silence in our hearts. Truthful awareness is a very powerful tool for the sincere devotee on the path.



So we are celebrating the Guru of Guru’s these days and the highlight is this Guru Purnima Havan. The Chairman of the Indian and International Samaj, Shri Alok Banerjee is the physical leader, the guru carrying the blessings and the burden who will now lead us into the poornahooti Havan dedicated to our beloved Sath Guru Babaji. Alokji may not be that whispering voice in your heart but spearheading the Haidiyakhandi Samaj and this Bhole Baba family is a big task and the best way to show your appreciation is to give support in the many things going on in Babaji’s Samaj. There is room for everybody to be active in the Samaj, and know that the Samaj is really everybody. Not just the few who hold a position there.

Marteen_BabaOur trusted pandit from Holland, Shri Maarten Baba Acharya has been and will be reciting again the Havan Mantra’s and sloka’s. Bless him, Babaji, for his dedication and making our rituals so lovely and properly executed. May I remind you that showing appreciation for his work in India it is custom to slip in his pocket at the end of this sacred fire ceremony. His general salary is minimal and showing some extra appreciation is a blessing for you and him.

Thank you all for coming here and together celebrating that Divine voice in our heart guiding us home into our Divine essence. Big Gratitude to those who came early and have done all the work, the karma yoga and made all this possible and also gratitude to you who can stay a bit more and help with cleaning up and bringing this gorgeous ashram back to it’s normal proportions. These Babaji’s ashrams are our ashrams, ours to enjoy His divine presence and ours to take care of together with our brothers & sisters. This may be challenging at times with our wide variety of personalities but so rewarding for the earnest seeker of truth on the path. Without our help all this cannot exist, and neither we, nor anybody else, can come here and be blessed by the Divine and get to know of Babaji. So please do take your part in making it work. For those leaving travel safely, spread the light now shining in your heart, abide in peace until we meet again at His holy Feet……Bhole Baba ki Jai ! The International Guru Purnima celebrations of 2018 will be in Schweibenalp Switzerland and you are heartedly invited by Sundar Baba.

Those invited to sit and offer at the havankund are :



Pictures by unknown, Gayatri & Mukundi

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