2018 Ashwin Navaratri Celebrations Invitation

by Raghuvir

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
The Chairman of the Samaj, Shri Alok Banerjee is inviting you to join us
for the the celebrations of the
Ashwin Navaratries in Chiliyanoula.
The festivities will start on 10th of October and will end on the 19th.The Divine Mother Durga in Her splendorous forms will dwell amongst us there.

There will be the usual Haidakhandi program with Chandan, Aarti, Paduka Puja, Durga puja, Saptasati reading, Havan, sumptuous bandara’s, reading & explanation of the Devi Bhagwat, and Paduka puja and evening Aarti.

This beautiful ashram of Babaji is a manifestation of Shri Muniraj’s devotion to Babaji. With help of many other devotees this was build on the land of Shri Muniraj’s and his family and Ashwin Navaratri has been celebrated there ever since. It will certainly give pleasure to Babaji & Shri Muniraj to see you honouring this devotion and your own with your presence.

In this October season it may be a bit fresh in the morning and night however these cloudless skies will give an awesome view of the majestic Himalaya mountains from the ashram. Gathering in HIS name is a highly elevating experience that nurtures us in many different ways in particular if you are able to come a few days early and help with the preparation and decorations.

Looking forward to see you there !

Bhole Baba ki Jai !
Durga Maya kiJai !


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