Shri Vishnu Datt Sastri


by Raghuvir

This month it is 15 years ago that the great sage, Shri Vishnu Datt Sastri, Babaji’s Acharya has taken Samadi. Nobody understood better Babaji then him. He was also a great devotee of Shri Mahendra Maharaj. He composed many of our scriptures. May he never be forgotten! Sharing a small story :

One day we were sitting on the platform in front of the Maha Shakti Duni in Herakhan. 
Shri Vishnu Datt Sastri was giving Satsang and he said ;
We are all very fortunate to be devotees of Lord Shiva.
If you are a devotee of Lord Brahma you have to study the scriptures long and hard.
For many years to do deeply into the Veda’s, the Upanishad’s and the Puranas as well as the Sanskrit language.
If you do this ardently and wholeheartedly Lord Brahma may bless you with inside knowledge and reveal the true meaning of the scriptures.
If you are a devotee of Lord Vishnu you pray, sing and dance but also work hard to create wealth to build temples in HIS name and share your wealth with the less fortunate people. After doing such works with success for many years Lord Vishnu may bless and uplift you according to your wishes.
For devotees of Lord Shiva however, even if they just peak into the temple while passing by in the street and say Namaskar Shivaji He will bestow His full blessings on them.

While I was sitting and listening to all this I had some problems in accepting that it was all so easy and I asked :
But Sastriji, it cannot be so easy as you say here, there must be another side to this coin, there must be more to it.
AAHH Sastriji said that is the same question that Ram’s brother Lakshman posed to the sage Vasistha when he explained this story to them.
In worshipping a deity a devotee obtains parts or all of the object he worships.
Brahma is the embodiment of knowledge so the devotee obtained knowledge.
Lord Vishnu sits on a big throne and is the sustainer of the Universe and can bless his devotees with anything this universe contains.
Lord Shiva is the renouncer, sits on burial grounds covered in ashes and animal skins so His devotees cannot keep anything for themselves. His blessings are cutting thru all illusions which we humans are continuously clinging to in our ignorance. That is not always easy!

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