2nd Next Generation Gathering, July 1-5, 2017
Bhole Baba Ashram, Rieferath, Germany

Dear Babaji Family and Friends,


It is with great pleasure that Jai HO (www.jai-ho.org) announces another Next Generation Gathering (NGG), to be held just before Guru Purnima at the Bhole Baba Ashram in Rieferath, Germany. The NGG is an annual initiative of Jai HO created for people between the ages of 18 and 40 years old. It is an offering of heart-centred, transformational gatherings that present life skills for personal, spiritual and community development. We invite you to participate in this exploration and hope you will join us!


The five day program will consist of daily workshops and discussion groups (in English) around various topics that are chosen to: enhance a better understanding of yourself; how you can become more comfortable and ‘at home’ in your body; how to create healthier relationships; and how we might engage with the environmental, religious and political crises in the world today. There will be various forms of interaction and sharing during the sessions, such as breaking into smaller groups and working in pairs, in order to draw forth the wisdom and experience of each participant and to foster deeper connections within our Babaji community. There will also be opportunities for karma yoga, satsang, aarati, kirtan, dance and free individual coaching sessions if required.


NGG is sponsored by Jai HO and therefore the cost of room and board for the five days will be covered by Jai HO. We ask a minimum donation of Euros 50 from each participant, and if you can give more it certainly helps. However, no one will be turned away because of money. Be advised that if you plan to attend the Guru Purnima program after the NGG, you will be responsible for paying the Ashram charges.   Possible childcare for small children may be available, depending on what is needed.


To inquire or to book your place for NGG 2017, please email Rob or Mukundi at:   ngg@jai-ho.org

Please respond as soon as possible, as space is limited.



Saturday 1st July

Opening welcome and introduction 

Aspects of universal spiritual philosophy, spiritual practice and poetry within Indian Sacred Language and the Haidakhandi Aarti –  with Sundar

How to understand and integrate Babaji and the teachings in a global contemporary way and language – with Raghuvir


Sunday 2nd July

Towards a Rich Full and Meaningful life. Being present. Dealing with life’s challenges    Living by your deepest held Values and setting and maintaining meaningful goals PART1 – with Nan Singh

Inner exercises, guided visualisation, body/mind/emotions exercise, wise observer moving around exercise – with Rob


Monday 3rd July

Towards a Rich Full and Meaningful life. Being present. Dealing with life’s challenges    Living by your deepest held Values and setting and maintaining meaningful goals  PART2  with Nan Singh

.World Cafe  – how to facilitate a creative dialogue for communities with Gaby


Tuesday 4th July

Somatic meditation daily practices – with Lok Nath

Intimacy, Sexuality and Self Love – with Gayatri


Wednesday 5th July

Community and Leadership in the era of Trump, Brexit, and Ecological crises. – with Lok Nath

Designing a New Culture in a New Paradigm – with Sundar

Closing Ceremony (All)

Every day

Short session each morning and evening of different practices to open and close each day

Helping prepare Bhole Baba Ashram forGurupurnima 



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