32 years ago…..

In January 1984 Babaji traveled to Allahabad and stayed in the house of Dipu Banerjee where He inaugurated the Sidheshwari temple. With His own hands he gave life to the murti’s. A big one from Kali Ma, Ganesh, Kalbairav and a Shiva Lingam. This happened on the 26th of January 1984.


Following the long ceremony of the inauguration there was a great havan next to the temple. After the havan Babaji sat down on an assan which was prepared for him in the courtyard of the house. It was actually a bed which was prepared as an assan on which He sat sideways in the middle.


There was a long darshan line happening. There were some people standing around the assan to help, besides myself I remember only Major Johsi, Naveen Johsi, Dipu Banerjee and Mahant Baba, but there were more.

At a certain point there was a Sikh man of small stature in line and up on reaching Babaji started to ask Him something. The line was still long and Babaji made some gestures with His hand to tell him to come by the side. This man stepped out of the line and tried to sit on the assan by the side of Babaji. Babaji gave a strong loud reaction and made a big thing out of it and inspired us to take action against this man. Major Johsi and others jumped right into action but the man seemed completely shocked himself and was excusing himself for his misunderstanding. Babaji ordered the man to be thrown out and then turned to me and said beat him ! I was totally shocked as it seemed so obvious to me that it was a mistake, but Babaji repeated it once more so I walked after the others who were escorting him away. He kept on begging for excuse and with 3/4 Indian elders handling the situation it seemed completely out of order to beat this man, so I walked back to Babaji. Baba asked me as soon as He saw me ” Did you beat him ?” I said no Baba but he is now being brought out by the others and is leaving. NO, You go and beat this man Babaji exclaimed strongly to me. It seemed so out of place this whole thing so I kept looking at Babaji to understand if there was perhaps another message woven into this what was going on but He repeated it again to me…..go and beat him and send me with gestures in that same direction. Inspired by His strong impulse I went after this man who was now standing at the road side still talking Major & Naveen Johsi in orderly manor asking forgiveness and expressing his not understanding the situation. He was small and even if he did not understand full of remorse. Inspired by Babaji I was ready to beat up Rambo but seeing this small man completely confused asking for forgiveness I just could not imagine hitting him…….so I stayed listening to the conversation, stayed away for half an hour from the immediate presence of Babaji to avoid being send to beat him up again.    Later Babaji did not bring it up again.

This was Babaji’s last yatra ( trip ) in this form to date 32 years ago. From here Vishnu Datt Shastri was going home to spend some time with his family. He did not know this was the last time he would see this form of Babaji alive. On leaving Babaji recited a small poem to Shastriji , roughly translated; a leaf has broken of the tree, the wind is blowing it away, who knows where it will land. When only a few weeks later Babaji had taken Maha Samadi Shastriji kept repeating this over and over again with tears in his eyes that he understood this message only later…..

I have often wondered why Babaji seemed so persistent for me to beat up this guy. What was the message here. It was so clearly an innocent mistake and the simple man did not seem to have any meanness in him. It was certainly a message to me. I felt after that I will always need to look after His assan, that no charlatan or impostor would ever try to claim or possess it. So far so good……..May He always guide me…..and you…..

Bhole Baba ki Jai !

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