3rd Next Generation Gathering, July 20-24, 2018

To read the report of the 3rd NGG , please check here
3nd Next Generation Gathering, July 20-24, 2018
Siddhashram, Schweibenalp, Switzerland


Dear Babaji Family and Friends

Jai HO invite you to join us on our third, 5-day Next Generation Gathering (NGG) in Switzerland. The event will begin on Friday 20th July 2018 at Centre of Unity, Schweibenalp and end on Tuesday 24th July. It will be conducted in the English language. Following it the European Gurupurnima celebration will begin on the evening of Tuesday 24th and finish on Saturday 28th July at Schweibenalp.

On the next page we outline our provisional programme. If you want to come to NGG please apply now to Rob or Gaby at ngg@jai-ho.org and we will be happy to send you a registration form and to reserve a place for you. Jai HO will pay for NGG, food and accommodation for the 5 days for you, but we ask for a donation to Jai HO of SF60 = €50, or more (but let Rob know if you cannot afford this). Please arrive Thursday 19th July for a start on the following morning at 9am. You will get the maximum benefit of this programme if you commit to attending from the beginning.

With best wishes,
Rob & Gaby ngg@jai-ho.org

Jai HO www.jai-ho.org was formed to inspire new impulses and connectedness in the international Babaji community for service, teaching and action. It is organising and helping to fund this event to support and encourage Babaji next generation and spiritually minded persons with life skills that are likely to be relevant in their lives and work.

If you wish to book to attend the Gurupurnima celebrations after NGG please apply separately to



 Next Generation Gathering Programme – 20th to 24th July 2018

Our Programme follows the mythic structure of a hero’s ‘Journey’ or ‘Vision Quest’.

The ‘hero’ begins by committing herself/himself to the process; and later she/he separates from the known world and sets out on the adventure. Arriving at the venue the first stage is to meet one’s fellow travellers. We will then address the ground of our being: ‘taking stock’ of our physical, emotional and mental health from a wise observation of our life. Next we start to build a vision of our future and goals; followed by opening ourselves to (initiatory) experiences from spirit and nature. We then begin to take our experience out into our daily life, by looking at fresh approaches to the way we relate; and we partake in communal activities. We end up with practical planning as to how to take the new ideas or visions forward in our lives, for when we return home. Before this return home we will celebrate together our completion of the journey.

Day 1. (Friday 20th July) – 9am Start – Welcome and Introduction to the programme.
We then dive into a Body, Mind, Emotions and Observer exercise to look at our strengths, vulnerabilities, nourishment needs and next steps in growth.
An afternoon on Health and Wellbeing by a leading expert in the field: how to build a strong foundation for life through physical health as a pillar for emotional and mental health and wellbeing. Also including: experience a deep connection to inner source and an inner compass for life.

Day 2. (Saturday 21st July) –
Building a vision 1. – Mindfulness, developing a daily practice, and other life skills. Includes strategies for overcoming obstacles and patterns that no longer serve you.
Building a vision 2. – Inspiring ideas, questions and discussions about where we might be going as individuals and as the human race.
Road of Your Life exercise – A guided imaging exercise to evoke inner guidance from within each participant at a symbolic level. Helping our inner world to speak to us through allegory.
At the end of the day we look at building a common project.

Day 3. (Sunday 22nd July) –
In the company of our spiritually minded friends we will address the spiritual journey in life.
In the afternoon we have an opportunity to explore and vision quest into the natural landscape of Schweibenalp, either on solo vision quest or in small groups. Followed by Wutao.

Day 4. (Monday 23rd July) –
The five phases of relationships & communication – a personal journey through wood, fire, earth, metal and water – via guided visualisation, chi gung and discussion in small groups, designed to lead to a fresh approach to the way we relate.
This is followed by further opportunity to address the common project, finishing up with yoga or dance to round the day.

Day 5. (Tuesday 24th July) –
Personal action plans – completing individual and common project plans, followed by an opportunity to discuss these in small groups. We will enjoy a led Yoga Nidra meditation.

Finally we will acknowledge the completion of our journey, both individually and as a group, by creating and taking part in a closing Celebration.

(There will be opportunities for individual one-to-one mentoring sessions throughout the programme).


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