9+1 is Dasheera

By Raghuvir

We celebrate 9 days of Navaratri but also a 10th day that is always together but somehow separate. There are different explanations but we Haidakhandi’s celebrate this day in the name of Lord Ram. Lord Rama is seen as the embodiment of Dharma. He lived by a very strict code of high conduct that caused enormous hardship on his own life. He did this for a greater good, beyond himself, being an example to live by for others in order to create a society to live harmoniously and evolve to a higher plan. His selfless deeds are since thousands of years visible in the foundation of Indian thought and the story around his life ( The Ramayana) is amongst the most beautiful ones ever written.

Sanatan Dharma means the eternal law. It is the base of Hinduism but it really is the foundation in all religions. I personally believe that Dharma is part of the genetic code that our creation is made of. It is woven into everything seen and unseen. If nature, that we are part of, is in harmony with that code, it thrives, it unites and blooms. If it goes astray, disharmony takes place, disease happens, it dismembers and the parts start to attack each other. Babaji is amongst us to set it right and we have taken birth now to witness and play our small part this enormous event.

In Buddhism dharma is a conscious daily practice. In Hinduism it is interwoven in general thought and comes out in activities. People are people however and the mind is corrupt, we slip and slide and are pushed by our desires, forget some high laws and to our convenience create a few new ones that suits the personal agenda better. This is who we are, this is the human condition.
Practicing awareness and mindfulness is becoming more and more common in the spiritual market place. That is a very positive and hopeful development but again mind will work its way also here and enslave the ardent practitioner in new type of prisons. Do not feel discouraged by these words but be inspired to be extra mindful of the treacherous mind. Awareness, mindfulness, self refection is still the most important practice next to whatever you may practice in any religion or doctrine. We are not who we think we are. We are behaving like a mix of wannabe’s, fear to be’s, imagine to be’s and act if pushed around by our desires.
This is also why Dharma, the high code for humanity, for you and me is important next to awareness to check if we are still on track, evolving according to Divine plan. Babaji said about Himself, I AM HARMONY. If we live according to Dharma we are in HARMONY.

Shri Rama Chandra ki Jai!
Bhole Baba ki Jai !

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