A blessed Christmas

By Raghuvir

Christmas 1983 was the most marvelous Christmas with Babaji in Herakhan. Babaji was already celebrating it for several years in a big way with a Christmas play, Christmas carols singing, gift distribution and a generous delicious food feast for thousands of villagers from the whole area etc. Many of the spiritual seekers from the west who made it to Babaji’s lotus feet had a Christian upbringing so with Babaji embracing and incorporating it in the programs, a wonderful sensation of Divine harmony in heart and mind was created. Delightful devotional songs from all over the world were sung, small plays performed and a great sense of well being was felt amongst all the people present. At a certain point during the evening Babaji started a speech on Christmas saying ” Jesus made only one mistake”. There was a total shock and for many even breathing stopped, was this the end of this wonderful harmony? Babaji continued saying: “He took birth in the middle of the cold season and now we are celebrating this glorious fact of his birth in these challenging chilly circumstances”, laughter and sighs of relief could be heard as everybody could relate to this.

Herakhan Christmas 1983

If we do a little investigation on the birth of Jesus we see that it is quite certain he was not born in that year or on that date. The first time that the 25th of December became his birthday was in the 4th century after the birth of Jesus when the Roman empire turned Christian. This date was probably chosen because it is winter solstice and Saturnalia, a festival dedicated to the Roman deity Saturn. By choosing this day to celebrate Jesus’ birthday, the church could co-opt the popular pagan festival, as well as the winter celebrations of other pagan religions. The year was also not correct as King Herodes was already dead in the year 0 and astronomical positions of the stars ( like the star of Bethlehem) from the scriptures say it was several years before the year zero. So Jesus did not make the mistake…..the Romans did! But these facts are not important in this most wonderful birth that has taken place a bit over 2000 years ago.


What counts is His life dedicating it to uplift everybody who was able to listen. Rich, poor, prostitutes, tax collectors, fisherman and hard working people were all part of His following. His life was the true embodiment of truth, Simplicity and Love and that message still echoes around the world today. The established churches are still preaching His message however that truth, simplicity and love is abused often in these organisations. This is the corrupt human mind that finds its way in every organised religion eventually it seems.
Whatever day Lord Jesus came on earth, the 24 to 25th night is a holy and silent night and Babaji has promised that any one meditating with a sincere heart concentrated on Jesus will be visited by Him. In these confronting times this is a beautiful message of hope and for the faithful a way to have a glimpse of the New Kingdom that also Jesus announced long back.

May the holy spirit of Christ be born within you and this year be blissful after all.


Bhole Baba ki Jai !

Shri Isu Massi Bhagwan ki Jai!

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