A new start

By Raghuvir

A new start of the week with Monday and also a new season is starting today with winter while also new half a year also starting with the solstice today. The planets Jupiter and Saturn come close in our sky every 60 years but so close as they are today did not happen for almost 800 years and are appearing again like the star of Betlehem. On top of all of this it is also said that today also the age of Aquarius is kicking of a cycle for 2000 years. What a day !

This does not necessarily mean lots of love and peace, good health or money in the bank but it does herald change, a change our world so badly needs at this point. The corona and economic crises we see aggressively developing around us are only the appearances of a deep change in consciousness happening in and around us. It influences the way we are thinking and see each other and the world in general. It is very important to stay aware, be mindful not be be swept away by these enormous forces governing our world.

All this information about this day here above may be very interesting but today is also the first day of the rest of your life and that is more interesting for You. What are you going to do now Lord Shiva is dancing ecstatically the change in our creation.

Babaji has given us simple recipes to follow, but they need to be followed, practice needs to be done. With mindfulness we can control fear and negative thinking and not fall prey but aid the new creation in to existence. It is not only all the puja and prayers but a moment to moment awareness of our behaviour and thoughts that will bring about the change our world needs.

It all depends on You, your inner battle is the world war, your desires are the worlds disease and your actions create tomorrow. Today is a new time starting, what are you going to do ?

Bhole Baba ki Jai!

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