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Herakhan, in 1982 this was the only hospital we had.
Dr Martin was the only serapes practitioner there,
He shortly after turned into Hargovind Baba.
We came a long way since then. The Herakhan hospital is allopathic and ayurvedic ( separate ) and serves many people from far and wide everyday.
The hospital in Chiliyanoula ashram however is far more professional and keeps on expanding.
To run such a hospital in a continuous challenge for us in the himalaya’s in an ashram.
We have to admit it has not always been a smooth ride, mistakes have been made but we can gratefully say that we are still increasing the number of patients and many thousands have gotten relieve in Babaji’s name there.
Particularly the eye hospital has helped so many people to see and able to live a normal life again.
Some months back we have started cooperation with the Dr Shroff Charitable eye hospital in Delhi. They exist already for over a 100 years and have several hospitals over in India.
Take a look if you like ; http://www.sceh.net/. This is very good news that we can lean on their vast expertise and cooperate and secure a successful service we are providing for the Kumouni people into the future.
This is our Seva, and our means Babaji’s devotees who wish to participate in this large project. After all it can only work if we do this together in a large number.
That donations are keeping on arriving is very important and this certainly is a call with this purpose.
However we would like to invite those of you who feel the call and do have some space in their lives to think with us, how we can improve and perhaps in which way we can approach international foundations for funding, set up a way to people can come and do some kind of service to humanity in a practical sense at our hospitals.
If we put energy our sea will be dynamic and certainly blossom there where it needs most.
Our web site for information, donations and contact is here ; http://www.babajihospital.com/
Phuro , Be inspired…..

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