Ao ao Bhole Baba Himal se ao.

By Raghuvir

Babaji has always been, and is in charge of the Haidakhandi affairs. With our limited vision we will often see things in another way. It is through Faith alone that we are able to see that He has His hand in all things taking place in The Haidakhandi Samaj. Here I am not speaking of the Samaj organisation but of all of Babaji’s family and works. It is some time that I have felt inspired to make this call, together with anybody to wishes to join, and reach out into the family. I am getting messages that it has now its own momentum, people inspire people and already some messages of people who were reluctant to join have had dreams of Babaji Himself urging them to get on the program. Babaji is the inspiration for us all, He is helping us to call Him into the world. The new world, the world beyond the kranti is not about us as individuals but about us as humanity. If you have not had visions or dreams, maybe our mirror or antenna is not working, or our mind is to full to let it in. Just 2 weeks left brothers and sisters, get on the program to create a better world.

Lord Shiva and His son Skanda.

Once Swami Kartikeya said to his father, Lord Shiva : “Now that a deep Kaliyuga is coming, how will men be able to cross it over?”
Shiva replied:”Listen to My words Skanda (name of Kartikeya). The stronger Kaliyuga gets, the more famous Hairakhan will become. I have said before that when the Chinese will take over Mansarovar Kailash, I will go to Herakhan, sometimes in secret form, sometimes in manifested form. Wherever I will go, I will spread the practice of repeating the Name, so I will save people easily.”
These words were spoken by Babaji to Shastriji in Kathmandu and part of the collected works named The Gorakhvani. This was in 1975 and is another great incentive by Babaji to do Japa.

When I first arrived at first in Herakhan I thought that it was a most silly thing to repeat the same word or sentence over and over again. Slowly Babaji openend my heart and His words took my full attention. I bought a mala and started. Then I thought that this Guru bead was an obstruction. What use is counting anyway, I do as much as I have time available I thought and I got a mala made without Guru bead. Going against these odds was not easy, but I managed to get one made…..after some more practice, I saw what nonsense and resistance I had in my head! It was all ego stuff and, when I dropped all these useless and debilitating thoughts, I could finally do Japa peacefully.

There is much power in being consistent in a long stretches of time. The power builds up. My big recognition of the power of the practice came when I was fully immersed and took minimal to time eat and sleep and do nothings else for some days. This of course fits my personality, and you will have your own way of doing this, but breaking through the dense and limiting fabric we have woven around us cannot not be taken lightly. One more added benefit of taking time out to do Japa is seldom spoken about. It is the not doing.

When you are concentrated on the mantra with your body and mind you are not doing what you usually do. In particular, within our mind, we have a tendency to repeat the same scenario’s over and over. Thoughts are often generated by fear, anger, desire, a need to manifest, protect, etc. so that our ego is juggling to keep up the appearance of the illusionary self we portray. Always occupied by a past we cannot change and by an imaginary future. Practice is in the now and it is selfless. It forces a focus on things that are far beyond the much larger space that is this tight straitjacket in which we live. With ardent practice, we first become aware of it, and then we become a witness of the endless rat race of the illusionary self. This is the beginning of real peace. With more practice a space starts to come between the witness and the ego, between the emotion and the reaction to it. Then the possibility opens up to become less of a victim of these illusions.

Dear Sisters and Brothers, writing, reading, talking or thinking about it, is not going to do it for us. Putting likes, hearts and Bhole Baba ki Jai’s will not make a real difference in OUR life. That will not entice Babaji to reappear in our midst. With practicing awareness and Japa we can peel, petal by petal, opening the lotus of our heart, and have darshan of the Divine presence there. Nobody is qualifying or quantifying what you do about your relationship with the Divine but with more of us calling out to Babaji in the same period it will be a loud and earnest request to HIM.

Be in spired

Ao-Ao Bhole Baba, Himalaya se ao, Kripa caro tumare bhakton pe.

Come, come Bhole Baba, come from the Himalaya
have compassion on your devotees.

Bhole Baba ki Jai !

Jai Mahamaya ki Jai !

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