Ao ao Bhole Baba, Samadhi se ao.

By Raghuvir

Dear Brothers and Sisters

Today 14th of February we observe Babaji’s Maha Samadhi since 37 years.
Probably the most the disturbing day of my life. I had never considered or thought of or expected it. I was just a happy boy playing in His Divine garden until that day and I still feel tears well up seeing this image.

The years that I spend living with Him we knew and related to Babaji as immortal and omnipresent but when this reality hit, it hit hard and everything inside my head and heart needed to be revisited. Valentines day is supposed to be a happy day connecting with this you love but I never managed to like this day although I tried a few times. Soon after His samadhi new people kept coming to Herakhan and having the same intense experiences as people had before the samadhi. He did not go away…He just left His body, and that was not the first time He did that. Perhaps it was just wishful thinking but in perhaps the first 10 years I often thought, now He will come back soon. But as time went by, perhaps more maturing inside and experiencing Him in other ways it became an accepted fact and did not spend my time wishing and hoping. Even when Shri Muniraj announced some 10 years or so back that Babaji was in a body again it did don’t arouse me much. Baba once told me that He sat in a cave in the Himalaya for thousands of years so clearly His Divine time schedule is very different from ours. Babaji is the Guru of guru’s and can manifest in different ways in different places. There is no need to look for Him elsewhere that inside our own heart. It would only have direct significance for us if He would ascend His assan in Herakhan again and say, I am who I am.

Since about over year now I feel there is a sort of quickening of time. Although I have thought that before but I think that now the time that Babaji spoke of many times, the kranti, has set in. One does not need to be a seer or astrologer to see humanity spiralling out of their orbit. There is no place to hide, this destructive transforming energy is permeating everything. As Babaji said in one of His speeches, “It is not only humanity that is in danger all of creation is in peril”. There is no political leader with a comprehensive vision or system anywhere in the world that can point humanity in a good direction. Not much better for religious leaders either can promise anything substantial and all encompassing as humanity is largely corrupt at its core. Consciousness, the heart of humanity needs a change, an uplift and only Divine intervention can do that. Babaji said all these things and now it is clear to see all around us.

But beyond the gloom and doom He also spoke of the dawn of a new era after this big revolution will be over. Humanity would live in harmony and justice will prevail. Hard to imagine in this moment but so are many things for us with limited perspective. So what can I (we) do comes to mind to aid the Divine come to my mind. To hail and sing praises, to repeat His name and mantra’s comes to my mind.

This is what many of us did when I came with the proposal. I thank you very much for participating and heeding the call. I was very touched that so many participated. Together we stand strong, working together for one goal is how Babaji likes to see us. Many of you have done this for the first time I have understood and you must have noticed also an immediate personal benefit. As Babaji said, japa is rinsing the brain with mantra’s. These are challenging times and everybody is encountering some hardship or another. Worrying does not help much but repeating the mantra works like an umbrella in the rain. If you do it more it works better. It is not easy because of many reason, mostly in our own head but it is so rewarding for one self and enormously for the bigger picture. Sadhana shelters you from the storm and keeps you close to Him, because you are focussed on Him.

I have some good and better news for you. The better news is that Sadhguru, a well known and extremely popular South Indian saint has come to our support recently. He has instructed his many thousands of devotees to do Om Namah Shivaya Japa. This will certainly make a difference on a subtle level and transform the knocking on Shiva’s door into banging. Now the good news is that Sadhguru did not have a finish line on the 14th of February but on the 11th of March, on Maha Shivaratri. This will give all those who had all sorts of reasons not to participate yet…to still do so. And for all of you who have already done so much…you do not need to stop. As usual with Babaji, it is a win win situation.

This time the 14th of February feels different to me, a sort of dawn of the new era….A new time coming….

Keep your practice and your focus sisters and brothers and together we will entice the Lord to adorn His assan sooner than later.

Shri Haidakhan whale Baba ki Jai !
Bhole Baba ki Jai !
Jai Mahamaya Ki Jai !

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  1. Bhole Baba ki Jai

    This certainly is going to be eye opener for many of us. Thank you very much for sharing.
    As Babaji said- Japa is rising the brain with mantras, I wish a lot of people understand and accept this and move on the path.


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