Ashwin Navaratri 2018 Havan Talks

by Raghuvir


Day 1

Welcome Brothers & Sisters, Ladies & Gentleman to Ashwin Navaratri 2075 according to the Vedic calendar. We are so fortunate that we could tear ourselves away from our busy lives, over come our own mental obstructions and take part in this deeply purifying and soul cleansing celebrations. We have gathered here at this sacred spot of Anandpuri ashram where our chairman of the Haidakhandi Samaj, Shri Alok Banerjee will begin a 9day Yagna with the first havan dedicated to the splendorous Divine Mother Durga who we will address, worship, and celebrate in many different names and forms throughout these days. This yagna is also dedicated to our guide on our path who resides in our heart, Shri Shri 1008 Haidakhan whale Baba or simply Babaji. To invite the various Divine aspects to collect the offerings, Sanskrit Mantra’s & sloka’s will be recited by Shri Mayapatti Acharya. May I remind you Sisters and Brothers that, while we get uplifted in to this divine spirits here in these days, we can benefit ourselves much more by aligning ourselves with what the Divine is offering us. By doing a one meal a day fast, by following the entire program on offer here, by repeating the holy names with Japa and singing, by keeping a partial or complete speaking fast, sleeping less or a complete head shave, we open up, from our side, to this shower of Divine bliss. Just being here now in these auspicious days feels already great and chatting with interesting new friends in the Tea shops, going on walks and meeting the locals or resting in peace being away from the pressure we may usually experience in our life is very easy to fall into, but there so much more on offer here. Whatever it may appear to be, know that you have been guided here by Babaji, the Guru of guru’s to make contact with your own Divine essence embedded in your heart. Big words from a little guy here but just receive it as an invitation to check it out for yourself whilst you have come here from far away. If it is true, it will be a life-altering event, so make the best of it by doing what you can do from your side to make the most of this very auspicious moment of your life. The best way to participate during this ritual we are about to start is to be still inside concentrated on your mantra and prayers. There is no particular benefit in sitting here or there. Everyday, I will be announcing those who are invited to sit and offer at the havankund and for today those invited are:



Day 2

Welcome sisters and brothers to the second day of Ashwin Navaratri where soon the Chairman of the Haidakhandi Samaj, Shri Alok Banerjee will start the second havan of the 9day yagna offered to the glorious divine mother Durga and to our boundless Lord Shri Shri 1008 Haidakhan whale Baba. Shri Mayapatti will be reciting the Sanskrit mantra’s and sloka’s. A special welcome all the new comers to Babaji and this ashram. You hear and read many stories and see so many different pictures, Babaji expressed in so many different ways. What man or person is this, one may ask. Babaji is and was not a person, Babaji is pure consciousness that manifests from time to time in a body to guide His devotees but is always present in the heart of humanity, also in your heart. About Himself He said : I am you ! I am a mirror where you can see yourself.

To understand these statements will take some serious contemplation and the real depth of this may also take some time. It applies to every John, Dick and Mary, you, me and every saint and sinner under the sun swimming around in the sea of consciousness in which our whole creation is taking place. In this realm of duality, that unlimited consciousness has a face and a name now that came knocking on your door. It may be all too much to comprehend in words coming at you here, it can however be sensed beyond mental comprehension fairly easy in these auspicious days. Follow the simple guidelines given by Babaji and search for Him inside your heart and you will never be the same again. I am not telling you that the problems and worries of your life will magically disappear but if you sincerely connect with Babaji, you will relate to everything in a different way. May you hear Him in all the sounds and see Him everywhere you look, brothers and sisters.

Bhole Baba ki Jai !


Day 3

Gathering again, brothers and sisters, around the holy fire place on the third day of the Ashwin Navaratri at Anandpuri ashram. The respected Chairman Shri Alok Banerjee will soon preside over the 3rd havan of the 9day yagna dedicated to the multi forms Majestic Divine Mother Durga and to our beloved teacher Shri Shri 1008 Haidakhan whale Baba. The Sanskrit mantra’s and sloka’s will be recited during the ceremony by Shri Mayapatti Acharya. So many different forms of Mother Durga, the Divine Mother are being celebrated, worshipped and discussed here. Fierce and loving aspects, but also terrifying or comforting forms all springing from the same source. Here She is named Durga, in the west, Maria, in other parts of the world Tara or Quan yin and many other names to describe the Universal Mother. Since She is Universal… there can be only one and the same with a different appearances and stories depending on who is looking and from which angle. Just as we came forth from our Mother, the whole creation came forth from Her, the divine Mother, the essence of all shapes and forms. This is what we are honoring and celebrating here these days, in ways stipulated by Babaji, and much of it laid out by the Rishis in ancient times. It is not so easy to find a logical understanding in these practices we do here. Some may see we throw valuable foodstuff into the fire while others feel how we are nurturing our creation on a deep level with well balanced offerings. Logical understanding is often preventing us from experiencing what really is. Our mind is busy grasping while the Divine is just present here and now in full radiance. Even if just for a few days, sisters and brothers, while you are here in this sacred place during these auspicious days, take of the brakes and be aware of not trying to explain and name everything in your mind but experience this boundless wonder happening inside and around you here.

Bhole Baba ki Jai !



Day 4

Blessed we are indeed, brothers and sisters, to be here at Babaji’s home in Chiliyanoula on the 4th day of Navaratri. Now Shri Alok Banerjee will commence the 4th havan of the 9day yagna in the honour of the unfathomable divine Mother Durga and our revered spiritual guide Shri Shri 1008 Haidakhan whale Baba. Shri Mayapatti Acharya will be invoking various forms of the divine by reciting Sanskrit mantras and slokas. From the sacred scriptures we can learn, brothers and sisters, that our real enemies are not the Trump’s, Putin’s, Modi’s or other world leaders stealing the show on the world stage these days, neither a problematic spouse, sister, brother, neighbor or immigrant. All these people in our life are manifestations of what are we feeding the unlimited sea of consciousness with. As small individual, we can play a powerful part in bringing about a change in this cosmic play by confronting our real enemies described by the wise saints in the sacred scriptures. Our real enemies are anger, envy, pride, greed, desire, ignorance, and the fear we carry inside. In quiet and honest contemplation we can see ourselves who of these ones we are nurturing inside of us by giving them space and food to manifest and grow. If we do not have the courage or clarity to see this by ourselves, inside of us, the Divine is helping us by manifesting a problematic personality or situation in our life again and again until we do. We mostly do not experience it as such, but it is a miraculous wonder we are living every day of our lives. An invitation to become aware and heed your true enemies and embrace the Divine within you. Taking responsibilities for our own actions in this way will make you the most powerful person in your Universe, walking hand in hand with the Lord of the Universe, Babaji. These are the real steps we can individually take towards creating a better life for humanity on earth and will automatically manifest in all sort of ways according to your karmas in this lifetime. There is not such a big difference in being a leader or a sweeper, for if either does not do his job, it will surely become a mess.

Bhole Baba ki Jai!



Day 5

Bhole Baba ki Jai. A pleasure to meet here again sisters and brothers having reached the 5th day of Navaratri at Anandpuri ashram. Our Chairman, Shri Alok Banerjee will soon guide us into the 5th havan of the 9 day yagna we are offering to the compassionate Divine Mother Durga and to the sweet Lord, Shri Shri 1008 Haidakhan whale Baba. The knowledgeable Shri Mayapatti Acharya is reciting the Sanskrit mantras and slokas. Babaji means service to humanity. He, himself, once said His whole manifestation was service to humanity and even now, without His physical presence, He is always engaged in the wellbeing of Humanity. As His devotees, we also engage in Seva, in service and have been able to manifest that in moderate ways. We have created some modest hospitals, some school and girl projects, and small projects for the poor but generally if our name and fame is not attached to it, it seems hardly worth it for many. Babaji has chosen us somehow to be with Him, to celebrate, worship and do Seva in His holy name. Would it be that we have limited faith and do not understand His greatness, that we are trying to get away with a piece of maya in this illusionary realm? The choice is really ours in being His devotee, and practice real seva or do we want to do seva to our own limited personality? Both is not possible, for we all know that for seva to really function, it needs to be selflessly offered in humility. Offered by us together in His name, we can create miracles and Babaji will surely blow His wind in our sails once we set our boat on such a course. We are so powerful, brothers and sisters, we can make or break our world with our actions and our thoughts.

Please take this as invitation to your capacity whether you financially support hospitals, projects, ashrams or do your seva, your work in them and we can together make His name manifest and flower for a larger benefit. With this sacred fire, let us now pray together to open that door within us toward a united future in His name. Bhole Baba ki Jai !



Day 6 

Bhole Baba ki Jai ! A growing presence of brothers and sisters around the Sacred Havankund as we have reached the 6th day of Navaratri at Anandpuri ashram. Shri Alok Banerjee will operate the sacred spoon during the 6th Havan of the 9day Yagna offered to the Supreme Divine Mother Durga and to the Sathguru Babaji, Shri Shri 1008 Haidakhan whale Baba. The Havan Mantra’s and sloka’s will be recited by Shri Mayapatti Acharya. For those who were here from day one, you can see how much has changed energetically inside as well as around us. There is so much to be grateful for, to be here now. Having Babaji in our life, to be able to pray to, to have a name to address the Lord of lords and seek shelter in Him is a supreme blessing and a good reason to be continuously grateful for. In the whirlwind of life, maya happening in and around us, it is not so easy to be continuously aware of this wonder and be grateful in every breath. Gratitude is not just happening always by itself, but it can be used as a practice in our life. When we practice it, envy, greed and pride cannot have a grip on our mind at the same time, and it becomes a powerful weapon on our path to become a proper human being in the way Babaji wishes us to be. Recognizing the divine in the little things in life like the smile from a child, the beauty of a flower radiating at us, the taste of a cup of tea in the morning, can be a momentary divine embrace if perceived as such, and a fine reason to be grateful for. Paying attention to what we do not have, what we do not like and what we want to have is nurturing the opposite in us, being envy, greed, anger, and dis-ease etcetera. How we feel, the state we are in is really our own responsibility and there are such very simple practices to improve our life and automatically the life around us. So, let’s make gratitude a continuous practice from now on, brothers and sisters, for the sake of world peace. A more wonderful place to start this in front of this holy fire in Babji’s home, Ananpuri, there is not. Witness the Divine harmony inside and around us and be happy.

Bhole Baba ki Jai ! Durga Maya ki Jai !



Day 7  

Bhole Baba Ki Jai! From a sloka in the aarti, we can learn when you add fullness to fullness there is not more fullness. However, to see all of you who have arrived here on Saptami the 7th day of Navaratri with Babaji in your hearts, it certainly feels like there is more Bhole Baba amongst us. It is wonderful to see you here all again at Babaji’s home Anandpuri in Chiliyanoula and we hope you feel welcome. Thank you all for coming, Bhole Baba Ki Jai. Shortly the Chairman of the Haidakhandi Samaj, Shri Alok Banerjee will lead us into the seventh havan of the 9 day Yagna dedicated to the illustrious Divine Mother Durga and to our light in the dark, Shri Shri 1008 Haidakhan whale Baba. Shri Mayapatti Acharya is reciting the Sanskrit mantra’s and sloka’s to entice the Divine to collect our offerings. It is an honor to be the chosen Chairman of the Haidakhandi Samaj and head Babaji’s organization for His devotees. On a daily basis, it is also a big responsibility and depending on the cooperation, it can also be a large burden. Babaji said that He set up the Samaj to unite the people of all beliefs and that the Samaj is actually a very old brotherhood, sisters included, although there was a break in it’s continuation. Covering the various aspects, this responsibility can not really be handled by one person or even a few. To have this organization worthy to carry the name of Haidakhan whale Baba, it takes cooperation of a united group of devotees working to spread Babaji’s message of Truth, Simplicity and Love, to have beautiful ashrams where new comers can feel His divine spirit and devotees can come to rest their head on His lotus feet. It is not easy in this dark era to overcome the constricting “me-and-mine” tendencies but we are extremely fortunate to have Babaji’s bright light as a beacon to guide us and we do need to remind ourselves of this great blessing morning and evening. Around the world, we can see democracy failing on all counts. Lying, cheating & mudslinging is the trump card of every political organization around the world and is never at the interest of the larger public. No country or organization can ever flourish where such practices prevail. It is one of Babaji’s great gifts to His devotees to have inspired them to do seva, a marvelous tool for personal but more important for general progress of Humanity. This is the object of the Haidakhandi Samaj, please feel welcome to be a part of it, and see what you can add to make it more successful in serving humanity with His message of Truth, Simplicity and Love. Today the executive committee of the Samaj is gathering and if you are a member of the committee, you are requested to join us in the temple shortly after this Havan ceremony. Tomorrow all members are requested to come together in the temple after the havan and all ins and outs of Babaji’s organization will be discussed there. Poli means many and ticks are blood sucking insects. We do not want politics in our organization, brothers and sisters, and let’s help each other to steer away from that and have Babaji in our every action. Now we are taking inspiration from this sacred fire to make the divine come through our speech and actions to serve a larger purpose beyond ourselves.

Bhole Baba ki Jai ! Durga Devi ki Jai ! Jai Maha Maya ki Jai !


Day 8th

Bhole Baba ki Jai !   In our quest to get closer to the divine, brothers and sisters, we circle ambulate the temple, walk around the havankund or even ride around the whole world on a motorcycle to discover again that Babaji is in our heart and with that same thirst, we assemble here again around the sacred havankund on Astami the 8th day of Navaratri at Anandpuri ashram in the Himalaya. The Haidakhandi Samaj Chairman, Shri Alok Banerjee will now preside over the 8th havan of the 9-day yagna dedicated to the victorious omnipotent Divine Mother Durga and to the compassionate Lord of lords that has somehow taken an interest in us, a relatively small group of all sorts of people from everywhere, Shri Shri 1008 Haidakhan whale Baba. The knowledgeable Shri Mayapatti Acharya will recite the Sanskrit mantra’s and sloka’s inviting the various forms of the Divine to collect the offerings. In the Shrimad Devi bhagwat that our Acharya is reading in the temple explains that on this day the ultimate Demon is concurred by the divine Mother Durga. This demon really represents our ego. Many of us here have celebrated 50/60/70 Astami’s in Babaji’s ashrams but it seems that this has not even a dent in made in our resistant ego’s? Is that a reason to doubt the Divine Mother or to blame that the teachings of our Sathguru, Babaji, have not been comprehensible for us? Maybe we are just a hopeless lot who do not wish to surrender and hold on to our illusions counting on His infinite grace. With the rapidly approaching kranti that Babaji foreboded many times, we better hold on dearly to his lotus feet, and play our cards well not to waste the Lords interest in us. We are an aging group and have not been very successful in inspiring a younger generation with the Babaji we carry in our hearts. Is all this His incomprehensible leela, His divine play, that the Lord of maya has conjured and is now about to fold again within itself? It may be the dance of Lord Nataraj, dancing His creation and destruction into being but as His chosen puppets we do have a choice to favor the divine or the demonic side within us with our behavior and determine a certain outcome also. For those of us who have ears to hear, know that the sounds of the drums of war is in the air. When Babaji warned us for this moment, He has assured His devotees that there is no need for worry or fear, He will protect us with abayan, His divine protection.



With all of us present here with Babaji in our heart, how can You, Babaji, not be present here with us now? You surely are, sweet Lord. You immense compassionate master, You keep bestowing Your infinite grace on Your confused children here. May your praise, kind Prabhu, be sung and repeated as long as the sun will shine in the Universe. Our gratitude for Your guidance in our life is great and we are in no position to ask You, oh gracious Lord, for anything beyond the abundant blessings you are showering on us. However the speaker is voicing the desire, that all of us present here and Your children around the world carry in our hearts. Maya is strong o’ Lord and our minds are feeble in having You being our only focus in our lives. We humbly but strongly request you, who is known to always fulfill the desires of your devotees, to take a human form again and guide your children and humanity thru this dark era. We have performed poorly in Your name and do not deserve such great blessing yet we stand here in front of You, embodiment of compassion, untied in this great request to grant us this wish, and grace Your children and Your yet to be devotees with Your dazzling physical presence on earth once again. With folded hands in surrender to you, our Sathguru, we remain in expectation.

Bhole Baba ki Jai !!!


Day 9

Bhole Baba ki Jai !   Welcome to Naumi, Sisters and Brothers, the 9th and last day of ashwin Navaratri at Babaji’s beautiful ashram, Anandpuri. This big temple is the devotional expression of Shri Muniraj and Sadhu Baba that will next year be a pilgrim destination since 40 years for Babaji’s devotees. What started so calmly 9 days back is now about to be concluded in a turbulent crescendo of devotion with the last part of the program. The freshly reelected chairman Shri Alok Banerjee will now guide us into the 9th Havan and poornahooti of the 9day yagna dedicated to the supreme omnipresent divine Mother Durga and to our beloved Babaji who is sailing us across the ocean of life miseries, Shri Shri 1008 Haidakhan whale Baba. Having just terminated the reading of the Shrimad Devi Bhagvatam, Shri Mayapatti Acharya will now conclude the Sanskrit havan mantra recitals, offer the kala tikka and the bandan as a last blessing from this sacred ceremony for this Navaratri. After this havan the bandara and then many of us will be on our way, filled with blessings back to our lives with family, work and responsibilities. What we have learned and gained depends on what we have offered to the divine, our mind and heart are just like a parachute, they function a lot better when opened. We can bring home another wonderful memory of a blissful event in Babaji’s home or a new beginning, a deepening of our bond where we will increase our daily practice and concentration on the Lord and plan to offer seva to Babaji’s Ashrams and organizations to help to spread His messages around the world. We need to understand that the Samaj is not the few well dressed people who are mostly running upfront during festivals. The Samaj is all of Babaji’s devotees, all who are willing to offer something to spread Babaji’s teaching of Truth, Simplicity and Love. There are so many aspects to Babaji’s Samaj and it is a worldwide organization, and there are many more things we can invent to spread His holy name and message around the globe. Just to criticize is easy and has no meaning without offering a substantial alternative including a plan of action. The present Samaj leaders here have renewed their initiatives in working together and expanding operations. Ashrams and Samaj’s worldwide and the Jai HO organization are always welcoming serious volunteers. Well, brothers and sisters, by now all is said and it has been wonderful to have spend these Divine days together. May Babaji’s blessings be with you always, spread what you have been given to the many thirsty souls where ever your path may lead you. Travel safely and abide in peace, until we meet again at his holy lotus feet.

Bhole Baba ki Jai !



Day 10  

Navaratri is over yet we meet again at the sacred havankund of the occasion of Dasheera, the 10th day of Navaratri. This day is again dedicated to the sacred battle. Most of the engaging legends and stories of the great epics like the Ramayana or Mahabharata are about battles. In truth, if we look at life itself, it is a battle, inside and outside ourselves. We battle to maintain ourselves, to fulfill our desires or abstain from them, keep or recover our health, brave the elements and much in our relationship with “others”. We battle in our head, heart and body and occasionally we enjoy some glorious moments of deep peace like we did here in these days. This is life for just about everybody in his/her own unique way! With spiritual practice, we slowly change our perspective, learn to surrender to what is, and with Divine support we liberate ourselves step by step, from the illusionary ideas of me and mine. The mechanics of positive and negative, pain and pleasure, high and low and all opposites are part of the natural law of the dualistic realm where we live our lives. With practicing awareness we can perceive the harmony, the wholeness in opposites and surrender comes naturally. Be Happy was not just Babaji’s suggestion to us, it is an order from the Lord. It is a deep practice from moment to moment and not a goal or a destination to arrive some day in the future. Make Him, the Guru of guru’s, Babaji your goal and you will have many happy moments on your path. Have courage, stand firm with your inner battle, know that the Lord of the Universe unlimited power is at your support also when you do not feel it. Have faith, all depends on faith, Babaji said. We are extremely fortunate to know Him and have His support in our battles. Take courage from this sacred fire here. Our dear Chairman Shri Alok Banerjee will now lead us into the last havan for this festival at Anandpuri ashram. This ceremony is dedicated to the Divine Mother Durga, the source of all shapes and forms and to our beloved Babaji, Shri Shri 1008 Haidakhan whale Baba. Shri Mayapatti Acharya will recite the Sanskrit Mantra’s and sloka’s to call many Divine forces to collect the offerings and offer you support in your daily strive.

Bhole Baba ki Jai ! Jai Maha Maya ki Jai !  


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