Ashwin Navaratri Invitation


Dear Brothers and Sisters



The Chairman of the Haidakhandi Samaj, Shri Alok Banerjee
would like to invite you to participate on the
Ashwin Navaratri Celebrations in Chiliyanoula.
The celebrations are early this year
and will start on 21 September and end at the 29th
followed by the Dusheera day on the 30th.
Chiliyanoula is Shri Muniraj’s expression of his devotion for Babaji.
Babaji visited this beautiful ashram several times a year and in particular the Ashwin Navaratri.
The views of the Himalaya in this period is spectacular and the vibrations very powerful, healing and nurturing.
It can be an added benefit that you can take treatments in our Ayurvedic clinic before or after the celebration to fine tune your health.
If you can come early and help out with the preparations and the cleaning up of the ashram after the festival that will be a great help
and for you an occasion to get deeper into the celebrations by doing this Seva for Babaji & the Divine Mother.
We hope you will feel inspired to come and join us there this year.


To book, Pratibha is the contact person :




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