Aswin Navaratri 2017-2075 Speeches

by Raghuvir




Day 1

Bhole Baba ki jai ! Welcome Brothers and Sisters to the ashwin Navaratri celebrations of 2073 according to the Vedic calendar at Anandpuri ashram. Shortly, our senior brother Shri Lakhsmi Aluwhalia will lead us into the first havan of the 9 day Yagna dedicated to our beloved Divine Mother Durga and to the Lord that guided you here today, Shri Shri 1008 Haidakhan Whale Baba. The Sanskrit mantra’s are invoking the various Devi’s and Deva’s during this sacred ritual and will be recited by Shri Mayapatti & Shri Vinodh Acharya. Congratulations to you all who have made it here from the first day. There is more going on in this beautiful ashram than these joyful celebrations. In these 9 nights we dedicate to the Divine Mother, a deep purification process is taking place on a deep and subtle level inside us beyond our mind. It helps to remove the obstacles between the Divine and ourselves. As most things in this universe according to what you put in, this will come out. The law of cause and effect, of Karma. So leave no opportunity unused while you are here brothers and sisters. Shri Babaji has given us the gift of karma yoga, selfless service of which there are many wonderful occasions here in these days. Repeat the holy names while you are praying, singing, japa, reading and doing anything else to keep your mind focused. Stay light by eating little and just once a day. Don’t waist your valuable time here by chatting with your friends in the teashop which can be fun to do when your heart opens and energy rises. Use this auspicious time to become more aware of your divine essence which starts to shine here in these days. There is no better time and place than here and now. In this powerful fire ritual we are about to start, the offerings are transformed and nurturing our creation at its core level. We are also part of this creation and just by being present and concentrated, it purifies and nurtures you and those you carry in your heart. We are very blessed to be here and enjoy these days in Divine presence together. Bhole Baba ki Jai ! Durga Maya ki Jai !





Day 2

Bhole Baba ki Jai ! Welcome brothers and sisters to the second day of the Navaratri celebrations at Anandpuri ashram, Babaji’s home in the Himalaya. Soon, our dear Uday Chatterjee will initiate the second havan dedicated to the compassionate Divine Mother Durga and to the Lord shining in our heart, Shri Shri 1008 Haidakhan whale Baba. Shri Mayapatti and Shri Vinodh Acharya are reciting the Sanskrit mantra’s and sloka’s. Being born in ignorance, we continue to commit sin to ourselves and others around us even if we are trying not to do so. Glory to the Divine Mother and Babaji for always receiving us and healing us with boundless compassion again and again. What have we done to receive all this compassion ? Whatever the reason may be, when we become aware of this undeserved grace, the best way to respond is to show compassion and understanding to those around us as well as the rest of the world. This glorious Divine compassion is a Divine aspect that is constantly present in our life wether we are aware of it or not. The whole concept of Navaratri is compassion from Durga Devi for humanity. In Shri Babaji’s aarti, written by Shri Mahendra Maharaj, we call upon the Lord’s compassion, karuna, many times. By gratefully receiving compassion, we can also make it our practice and harmonize with this beautiful Divine aspect. It is a deep and challenging practice to do with all those in our life, in particular with those who behave controversial with our believes and the way we conduct our life. All saints advocate compassion, so let us try to walk in their blessed footsteps. In service and harmony with the Divine, we make this world a little better, step by step. No better place to clean and fill your heart with compassion then here and now with this powerful fire ceremony. With awareness, everything can be done. Bhole Baba ki Jai !




Day 3

Bhole Baba ki Jai ! Drawn by the magic and the warmth of this sacred fire we have reached here again on the 3rd day of Navaratri. Today the honour of serving the sacred spoon here has come to Raghuvir Sharan Chaudry for the 3rd havan of the 9 day yagna dedicated to the radiant Divine Mother Durga and to our benefactor Shri Shri 1008 Haidakhan whale Baba. Shri Mayapatti and Shri Vinodh Acharya are reciting the Sanskrit mantra’s and sloka’s. Today, it is kranti day, brothers and sisters, according to certain prophecies circling the world. A big upheaval is said to take place for all humanity to witness. We had several of such announcements thru the years but no critical changes have taken place so far. Even if changes on an apocalyptic scale will happen today, rejoice that you are called here now to Babaji’s home. Babaji spoke often of the big revolution, the kranti which was going to take place soon. For the Lord who is beyond time, 40 days or 40 years, all is soon. He has promised Abhayan, His Divine protection to all His devotees, so there really is nothing to worry about. The best way to prepare for such big changes is by doing spiritual practice where there is always space to intensify that whatever takes place today or in the future. Our minds may have much to say on this and will surely plot and plan for a better outcome. Fear has never been a good guide or teacher and leads only to misery. Bhole Baba has come particularly to guide humanity thru this revolution and brought us to His holy feet. Faith in Him and His message is very comforting and will give you peace. Do not waver in your faith and in your practice. Serve Him and His mission and you will be part of His vision. Bhole Baba ki Jai ! Durga Maya ki Jai !




Day 4

Bhole Baba ki Jai ! Welcome brothers and sisters to the 4th day of Navaratri. The clouds have risen and we find ourselves hugging the sacred heart warming fire again where our serving treasurer Shri Vijay Bhattiani will lead us into the 4th havan of the 9 day yagna dedicated to the illustrious Divine Mother Durga and to our spiritual guide Shri Shri 1008 Haidakhan whale Baba. With one pointed concentration Shri Mayapatti and Shri Vinodh Acharya are reciting the Sanskrit mantra’s and verses. While we are enjoying Divine grace together here in this beautiful ashram, let us go with our attention to the less fortunate ones in the world and share the grace and love we are receiving from the Divine. Millions of people are suffering the violence now all over the middle east which is spreading to so many other parts of the globe. Death and destruction is daily fare in so many countries there now. In our ignorance, we humans are inflicting so much suffering on each other and ourselves. Nature is revolting our greedy behavior where super hurricanes, earthquakes and volcano’s are resulting also in death and destruction in many places around the world. These unusual weather patterns we see here in these days giving also discomfort to us a bit but we can hardly imagine how life is now in some of the Caribbean islands where not even one building escaped unharmed and millions of people without a roof. Floods in east India and Bangladesh uprooted the life of millions. All this and much more is happening to people just like us. Different races, religions and countries have created many divisions but in essence we are all one. One people who wish to have food in our belly, a roof over our head and live in peace with those around us. Fear, greed and other demonic tendencies of which Shri Mayapatti speaks so interestingly in the temple in the afternoon are the source of all this suffering. When we honestly reflect on this, quietly by ourselves, we can recognize that none of us here is completely free of this. Such negative tendencies are easier to spot in others then ourselves but we cannot change somebody else, we can only change ourselves by practicing so called Divine tendencies. Becoming aware that this enormous suffering in the world is the present human condition and starts inside each individual, inside each one of us also. Being called here by Babaji holds the best potential to make something out of this human birth we have received and rise above this poor self destructive condition. So for the sake of world peace, brothers and sisters, let us add awareness in our thoughts and actions and with Babaji as our guide and teacher we can be a soldier in His army of Love. Bhole Baba ki Jai ! Jai Maha Maya ki Jai




Day 5

Bhole Baba ki Jai ! Blissful and peaceful we have arrived on the 5th day of Navaratri at Anandpuri ashram. Today, we have the pleasure of our very active serving secretary Shri Sanjeev Sarna holding the sacred spoon during the 5th havan of the 9 day yagna dedicated to the gracious Divine Mother Durga and to our light in the dark Shri Shri 1008 Haidakhan whale Baba. Shri Mayapatti and Shri Vinodh Acharya are reciting the Sanskrit mantra’s and sloka’s. How wonderful it looks and all is working so well in this ashram. This is the magic of karma yoga in action. Brothers and sisters. Karma yoga is Babaji’s main teaching for us. It is a healing and purifying practice if done selflessly where one has less time for worries and self indulging thoughts. Some have done this here in Babaji’s name and others in Herakhan or other in his other ashrams around the world. Also the Samaj, the organization that holds it all together requires a lot of work and responsibility. Together in this service for Babaji, there are still all these places where we can all come and drink Babaji’s Divine nectar of Love and Bliss. Doing seva for Babaji keeps us close to Him, it is purifying and keeps our focus healthy. The biggest karma yogi is Babaji Himself constantly working for the benefit of humanity and always inspiring, invigorating and supporting us. Bhole Baba ki Jai ! To support our beloved Lord we can do our bit of karma yoga by spreading His teachings, sustain His ashrams where many new comers can go and have their experiences like we are having ours. Also in our Haidakhandi Samaj, there are lots of possibilities to do service and make everything work better, worthy of carrying His sacred name. Let us now in this sacred fire invoke the Divine to inspire us to live our life in Divine harmony with Bhole Baba and His mission. Bhole Baba ki Jai !

Durga Maya ki Jai !


Day 6 


Rejoice brothers and sisters, while dwelling in Divine grace, we have arrived on the 6th day of Navaratri. Today the sacred spoon will be operated by our faithful ashram manager Shri Colonel Bhagwan Rana for the 6th day of the 9 day yagna dedicated to our glorious Divine Mother Durga and to the guru of guru’s Shri Shri 1008 Haidhakan whale Baba. Shri Mayapatti and Shri Vinodh Acharya are reciting the Sanskrit mantra’s and sloka’s. Paramguru Shri Mahendra Maharaj who announced Shri Babaji’s arrival on earth took samadi in 1969. His blessed devotees are still missing and speak of him with so much love. Shri Babaji was only 14 years amongst us, left His body in 1984. Those who spend time with Him carry Him highly in their hearts and mind and are also still missing Him. Also many who had their experiences thru Shri Muniraj’s blessings carry him fully in their memories and in their hearts are also still missing his presence. Those who have arrived after all these great masters, experience the Divine radiance in our ashrams and during the dedicated ceremonies are not really missing anything. Blessed are those who have spend time with the great saints of our lineage but perhaps those who have arrived after their samadi’s and are experiencing the Divine beyond their wonderful forms, in their heart are maybe even more blessed ? The Divine lives in the heart of every human being and the real quest in our human birth is to realize that. Those who have spend time with our great guru’s have the duty to pass on the Light and Love they have received. When nice stories of how it was being with those masters are being told warm emotions will flow from one heart to the other. To take it a step further is to live the teachings of our teachers to the best of our abilities. With self awareness, constantly filtering out the me and mine, to preserve the purity of what these great ones were and in this way are giving to humanity. This makes these guru’s and their teachings immortal for us here and the next generations. Shri Babaji, the guru of guru’s is no ordinary teacher and by living His teachings on a daily bases we can excel in our lives and harmonize with life’s true purpose. Bhole Baba ki Jai ! Param Guru Shri Mahendra Maharaj ki jai ! Shri Muniraj Maharaj ki Jai !


Day 7 Img_7

Welcome to Saptami brothers and sisters, the 7th day of Navaratri. On this beautiful sunny day, our elder brother Shri Ashok Chandra will handle the shuchi, the sacred havan spoon for the 7th havan of the 9 day yagna dedicated to the all pervading Divine Mother Durga and to our magnificent teacher Shri Shri 1008 Haidakhan whale Baba. Shri Mayapatti and Shri Vinodh Acharya are reciting the Sanskrit mantra’s and sloka’s. Today, we worship Kali Ma in the form of Kalratri. In the Shrimad Devi Bhagvatam that Shri Mayapatti explains from in the afternoon in the temple is a story of the demon raktabeech. Every time he was wounded in battle and a drop of his blood would fall on the earth new bodies of him would rise up from there. Fighting this demon seemed to make matters only worse. Mother Kali was invoked to intervene and every time She wounded raktabeech and blood would spill She extended Her tongue and licked up His blood before it could touch the earth. In this way She was able to defeat this demon. This is why in the iconography of Kali She is always depicted with a long tongue. It all seems a fantasy legend of the old days but if we then understand that raktabeech is a symbol for desire it all of a sudden comes very close and understandable for us. From morning to evening, our attention goes from one desire to the next. Starting with the first cup of tea, clothes to wear to more extensive things like phones, cars, places to live, social standing and nice things to do. Our attention moves from one thing to the next keeping our focus away from the glorious moment of being aware of our Divine essence. As it is a powerful and cunning occurrence happening all the time, constantly changing shape, fighting it seems hopeless. Also here brothers and sisters, constant awareness of this happening inside each and every one of us is the key and first step to find some control over this very potent force that keeps us from inner peace and awareness of our Divine essence. Self reflection and awareness is of vital importance for the spiritual seeker on the path. We can do many puma’s, offer quintals of samargree to the fire and do millions of mala’s but if we do not practice with awareness, much of the blessings coming from these wonderful practices will pass us by and fall on barren land. According to our personal karma, we all pass thru this in different ways but in essence it is the same for each of us. Being honest to ourselves and reflect on our thoughts and actions is the most powerful tool on our spiritual path. The Divine Mother will provide and Babaji will guide but we will have to do our part. A new wave of devotees have arrived to drink the Divine nectar here and with that a surge of energy is taking place which expresses itself in various ways. The magnetic Shakti here will create more pushing and pulling amongst us, what we have inside will come out. Observe the phenomena taking place and marvel the underlying Divine current. To preserve your peace and harmony keep your inner focus and try not to get swayed by the powerful Divine radiance. This sacred fire lead by the birthday boy will enhance the vibration even further. Bhole Baba ki Jai ! Shri Kali Mata ki jai !




Day 8

Bhole Baba ki Jai ! Welcome to Astami, brothers and sisters, the 8th day of Ashwin Navaratri at Anandpuri ashram. Today, we have the pleasure of the honorable corporate yogi Shri Dr Arvind Lal Padma Shri guiding us thru the 8th havan of the 9 day yagna dedicated to the omnipotent Divine Mother Durga and to our Sathguru Shri Shri 1008 Haidakhan whale Baba. Shri Mayapatti and Shri Vinod Acharya are invoking the various Divine aspects by reciting the Sanskrit mantra’s and Sloka’s. With all the beautiful rituals and our personal practice, the vibrations here around us and inside of us have grown stronger in these days. We can see that shine in the eyes of many here now and often refer to this as Babaji’s presence amongst us. We worship Babaji in marble statues, silver paduka’s and in many pictures but there seems to be so much more then that to the Lord beyond time and space present in the heart of His devotees worldwide. He is known as the guru of guru’s beyond religion present on the subtlest level of our existence. With our limited mind we cannot really comprehend much of this miracle happening around and inside of us but we can all surely feel it here now. We are Babaji’s family. There are no great saints and guru’s amongst us here and whatever the motive may be that this great Lord has guided us to His lotus feet and taken interest in regular people like us is ample reason for joy and celebration. That is what we do here at Navaratri and actually should be doing all throughout the year. Invite Babaji into your thoughts, dedicate your actions to Him and He will surely be present in your life like prana in the air. Life will still hold it’s challenges according to our destiny, our karma, but having the Lord present will make you balanced and strong so the pains and burdens of life will not have so much effect on you. It was such a strong event to Ram Pyari in her ecstatic dance to leave her life in prostration to Babaji while He was on His assan. What a great blessing, she must have been a great soul returning home to the Divine realms. Let us celebrate this day and all what is presented to us to this sacred fire in front of us. Bhole Baba ki Jai, Durga Maya ki jai ! Ram Pyari ki Jai !


Day 9

Bhole Baba ki jai ! Congratulations brothers and sisters, today it is naumi, the 9th day of Ashwin Navaratri 2073 according to the vedic calendar and we will conclude a beautiful Divine Mother festival here at Anandpuri ashram. Now our dearly respected Shri Comodor Prem Chand will preside over the 9th havan, the poornahooti of the 9 day yagna dedicated to our fabulous omnipresent Divine Mother Durga and to our beloved guru Babaji, Shri Shri 1008 Haidakhan whale Baba. Shri Mayapatti and Shri Vinodh Acharya will be calling the different Divine aspects with the recitals of the Sanskrit mantra’s and sloka’s to collect the offerings. The blessings and benefit of all of this goes far beyond us here. It reaches those you carry in your heart and nurtures nature on a vibrational level where distance is not the same as we experience it. Whether you were sitting in this circle or standing somewhere in the back has nothing to do with your spiritual progress or your inner peace. This solemnly depends on your dedication and concentration on the Divine present equally in each of us. Externally, we have different bodies and roles to play in this life but we are all connected to the same Divine source, our true essence. We may realize the depth of this truth at different measures and that will change in time with your practice and devotion. So now you have reached the sacred feet of the master of masters, leave no stone unturned in your dedication, devotion and practice. Feel warmly invited to take part in this organization or maintenance in His ashrams worldwide. Also this practice will connect you on another level with Babaji and so together, we can create space where more people can experience the wonder that we experience here now. As we all see the world thru different eyes this working together holds all sorts of challenges even if we are all doing this for our beloved Babaji. We can learn so much, so much about ourselves in this process when we honestly reflect and this is of the greatest importance for our progress on our spiritual path. We come and go to ashrams and also in and out of our bodies, as we have been able to watch in this most miraculous way in these blessed days. Make your life a symphony to the Divine brothers and sisters, a dance for the Lord in your heart and in your actions and let the Divine blossom from within. All is said and we still have a little bit to perform before most of you will be leaving. Travel safely and pass on the message and blessings of Babaji, be a soldier in His army of Love and Light. Those who stay behind to help to clean up are heartily thanked by those who carry the responsibilities for the ashram and will surely be blessed by Babaji. May all of you be happy and abide in peace.

Bhole Baba ki Jai ! Jai Durga Devi ki Jai !




Day 10 , Dasheera,

Welcome to Dasheera, the 10th day of Navaratri. This day is dedicated to Lord Rama who came back to His kingdom after being victorious in the great battle of the Ramayana. The Ramayana is the foundation of the Indian culture. This epic war is also wonderfully described as a battle between good and evil. In real life good and bad are not as opposite as when we speak about it, but mostly intertwined. Also between us brothers and sisters, all called to Babaji’s feet and doing various spiritual practices, the me and mine, spiritual greed, pride etc are just as prevalent as anywhere in the world. Some catholic priests and Indian guru’s involved in scandalous sexual acts have also inspired people to dedicate their lives to a sincere spiritual path. Perhaps it has always been like that and only now as more Divine light enters our realm it becomes for everybody to see. So there is no real reason for despair even if it seems that darkness is spreading enormously in our world. It becomes clear we each have to make a choice inside of us how we dedicate our life, how serious are we doing our practice and how deep do we go with it. We need to recognize at least for ourselves how our motives are founded by greed, pride, selfishness etc. How we weaken our spiritual progress by indulging in laziness, lust and sort like distractions. In our ignorance, we justify and have difficulty to own these negative tendencies which are extremely slowing any progress on our path. The Vedic texts and ancient scriptures are explaining it in detail. We read and celebrate them year after year but have a hard time living by them. Babaji said: I have come to give but you do not know what to ask for. Our limitless Lord will give his children the prime seat at the paduka puja or the sacred fire place or whatever illusionary position or object one may wish for. He can however also remove the veil of illusion between the Divine and ourselves. The choice is ours, brothers and sisters, what do we want and how are we dedicating our life towards that goal. The scriptures are full of it, Babaji has given us the tools and will stand by us as no teacher can. May this sacred fire to celebrate Lord Ram’s victory burn holes in this veil of ignorance so we become aware how we fool ourselves again and again. Today the havan master Raidas Baba will conduct this last havan ceremony dedicated to Lord Rama, the embodiment of Dharma and to our beloved guru Babaji who will give you what you wish for. Shri Shri 1008 Haidhakan whale Baba. Shri Mayapatti and Shri Vinodh Acharya are reciting the Sanskrit mantra’s and sloka’s. May all your desires be fulfilled and you abide in peace.

Bhole Baba ki Jai ! Shri Rama Chandra ki jai !



Pictures: Arjuna & unknown

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