Baba Manasa phale tumare

by Raghuvir



Standing in front if the shop one morning I see the founder of the Dutch temple passing by. I recognised her but did not know her actually, she had just arrived from Holland.
She was carrying a big bag of salty Dutch liquorice in her hand. This is an old time favourite from me which I had not seen for a year. My eyes lit up and I exclaimed “interesting “!
She smiled but hurried on to darshan.
About 20 min later somebody walks into the shop and hands me a licorice from that bag. Oh great, I love these” I said. “Oh yes”, she said with a question mark ? Nobody seems to like them. Yes I said it is a bit of an acquired Dutch taste and most foreigners do not like it so much and on saying that she gives me a few more. She leaves and comes back after a moment asking if the has to give this also to all the indian builders who were making a new construction in the back. Well I answered I don’t think you will be doing them a favour with this salty sticky stuff. Oh what to do now with this she said, I have been everywhere and so much is left. I proposed to put it on shop counter with the promise I will offer it to anybody passing by. A great solution….everybody happy. I felt it was a present for me really from Babaji when I expressed my desire when I saw it in her hand and that bag eventually ended up with me. have to confess that at least 50% of that bag passed over my tongue ….

Months later in Holland I see  a friend who asks me if I got the liquorice I send you in Herakhan. No I never received any from you, I answered. Oh he said, I gave a whole bag of your favourite delicacy to Bhuri, who does the Dutch temple when she went to India. There I remembered the moment again and the circle completed. Bhuri on arrival maybe had seen how many people brought chocolates and sweets to Babaji and did not have any so decided to give that.

One can see such things as coincidence. Many can tell you of such stories of those days….. also of these days……For me however it became clear again how the Director of the Gran Orchestra is present in the smallest details. Being His devotee is the trust that everything is fine under His control and it takes faith to see that it is really like that even if life does not work out as we may wish or see it ourselves.

Particularly in these turbulent times the world and many of us also in our own lives go thru so many challenging situations Faith is of crucial importance. It is easy to fall prey to powerful forces like doubt, feeling overwhelmed, depression, frustration etc. Knowing in our heart, whatever story may circle in our mind, that The Divine is somehow in control of our life, that we are taken care off in whatever difficult period we may be facing in our life, that is faith. What ever we can do to expand, to kindle and celebrate that faith is an opportunity to lead a more wholesome happier life. Babaji showed us devotion, repeating holy names, karma yoga and all sorts of practice to put our focus there. The Divine is number One and the rest comes after.

I don’t think it was important that this Dutch boy got his desired toffee but for me I can see in this story how divine energy flows in the most miraculous ways thru small and unimagined channels healing, balancing, nurturing and so on, like all water flows to the sea……in it’s own good time. Enjoy your faith !

B H O L E   B A B A   K I   J A I !




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