Babaji by Paolo

By Raghuvir

An artist creates what the mind and heart is full of. Many devotees have taken the courageous steps to paint Babaji. Nobody has been able to capture Babaji like Paolo Polli from Italy has been doing for many years now. Paolo came to Herakhan meeting Babaji in January of 1978. He is grateful to God that he has the ability to paint and feels he could become mad if he was not able to express himself in this way. He feel that these paintings are not really his…he just paints them.

Paolo has managed to express Babaji’s amazing radiance exactly as seen in a picture on canvas placing them in a surrounding that captivates the devotees imagination in a realistic and surrealistic way that the same time.

His first painting from Babaji, Kaliyuga Avatar was created in 1984 and tells much about the frequent warnings Babaji gave us about the kranti that is about to unfold. It also speaks about the influences of Saturn that Paolo had in that period of his life. It hangs in the Dutch ashram at present.

Taking some of the best iconic pictures of Babaji as the bases and painting a reality around Him, creating an image that often even exceeds the original in appeal. Like here Babaji sitting in the cave where He appeared,( before the cement room was build in front of it ) and behind Him the riverbed with in the distance the Haidakhan ashram. An important part of the story of Bhole Baba shown in one picture.

Or Babaji sitting at a sacred fire through which He did so much of His work in the 14 years He was amongst us against a backdrop of Kashi ( Varanassi ) Lord Shiva’s city at day break. Reality and fantasy creating a mesmerising painting that is now hanging in Anandpuri temple in Chiliyanoula.

Babaji in meditation on Siddheswar mountain with Adi Kailash visible behind Him above the Herakhan valley. The mala and the Kurt (shirt) that Babaji is wearing are so lively all together creating shining expression that conveys more than a picture, it creates a Divine emotion.

Where Paolo let’s his imagination run free is particularly nowadays very interesting where after more than 36 years have passed since Babaji’s samadhi. Babaji is although He appears as such from time to time not really a person. He is a conscious Divine human form and placing that in in surreal situations puts the viewers imagination in motion. I personally see the Lord of the universe preparing new forms into existence. What do you see ?

In the style of a Tibetan tanka Paolo has a story of Bhole Baba on Canvas. Both sides of the Herakhan ashram are there on each side of Babaji while the riverbed of Gautami Ganga flows at the bottom. Paramguru Mahendra Maharaj who has been very important in the reappearance of Babaji, sitting on Babaji’s upper left. Shri Muniraj and Shri Vishnu Datt Shastri who have been very instrumental in expanding and guiding Babaji’s devotees in particular after Babaji’s Samadi. Prem Baba sitting in the opening of the cave leading to where Babaji appeared in 1970 at the bottom of the painting was a support in in helping people to ground, balance or move on during turbulent times at Herakhan. Prem Baba lived in that cave for years. Milarepa, a great Tibetan saint is, I think expression the hardship a devotee can pass through to reach the goal of liberation. Hanuman as an expression of devotion and two other undefined devotees in bliss roaming around this painting making it a perfect piece of Haidakhandi Art.

On this surreal image Babaji is rising out of the earth, as being part of the earth with Lord Shiva’s closest attendants, Ganesha Lord of the Gana’s, Nandi His number one servant and Vasuki, the king of the Naga’s.

There are many more mesmerising paintings of Babaji that Paolo made and with his kind permission some more will shown in the future.
Making paintings with Babaji is but a small part of Paolo’s work. You can admire other creations here :

Web ;
FB ; Paolo Polli
Instagram ; paolopolli_painter

Paolo will do commissions on request and is planning to make more works on Babaji. He can use your favourite picture of Babaji, or your desired back ground and even put you in the scenery if you so desire. Seeing these paintings here is wonderful but having them at home ( most of them over a square meter in size) is wonderful I can say from personal experience. Every artist needs to live and stimulated by your enthusiasm in appreciation and buying some of his artwork will be a blessing for us all by seeing new works coming into being.

Bhole Baba ki Jai !

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