Babaji Satsang

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

How we can do that in large numbers will remain to be seen but considering the wonderful and professional life streaming from the last Navaratri it is surely a good idea to join. The time is chosen to accommodate most people around the world but surely it is challenging for some. See you on the 14th

Bhole Baba ki Jai !

Here is the official invitation from the secretary:

Dear Sisters & Brothers,

I trust this mail finds you all in good spirits.
May in the new year the Divine Light of Babaji shine through all of you.
Covid-19 has denied us all the opportunity to congregate together in the name of Babaji!
To enable us all to come together a virtual platform named MAHAVTAR HAIDAKHAN BABA CONCLAVE has been conceived and organized by (Hony) Brig Dr. Arvind Lal – Chairman Haidakhandi Samaj.
Through this platform, it is envisaged to virtually bring in Babaji’s devotees together and encourage universal brotherhood.
This Satsang will enable us to revisit Babaji’s teachings, to foster the give & take of ideas, and to disseminate Babaji’s teachings to a larger cross-section of people.
Babaji’s teachings will equip us to navigate our lives, especially during these times. As the import of his teachings have become more relevant than ever before in the light of the ongoing Covid-19 challenge.
Through this message, you all are cordially invited to join us on 14 January 2021 at 7 PM India time to enrich the discourse and be a part of Makar Sakranti Celebrations.
Mahavatar Haidakhan Baba Conclave would now become a regular feature wherein we all would come together in his name once in two months. The proposed dates for the future conclaves in 2021 are 13 March, 14 May, 14 July, 15 September, and 17 November.
The link to joining the Virtual Celebrations and Satsang is as follows –

P.S. We do not have the email ids of all the devotees. May I request you all to kindly share the details of this programme generously with other devotees!
Email to ;

Warm regards,
Sanjeev Sarna

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