Shri Shri Bhagwan 1008 Herakhan Wale Baba, better known under the name of Haidakhan Babaji who was considered as a Mahavatar and an incarnation of the God Shiva and who appeared as a youth in a cave of the remote village of Haidakhan in the Himalaya. In 1970, Babaji began publicly exemplifying the message he had brought to the world. As a result, people were drawn to him from all walks of life and all parts of India and others countries.

Although he never left India, and is usually worshipped through Indian ritual, Babaji’s simple, timeless message has reached all the corners of the globe through the travel of devotees (Hindus, Christians, Jews, Muslims, Sikhs and even Agnostics) who respond to the universality of his teachings and his powerfully loving presence.

Babaji insisted that all religions lead to God and instructed people to “follow the religion that is in your heart”. He taught that a life of genuine truth, simplicity and love maintains a life of purpose and contentment. His prescription to achieve this goal combined the practices of japa (repetition of God’s name) and karma yoga (service offered to God).

Toward the end of his brief fourteen-year public ministry, Babaji declared the work he had come to do in his body to be nearly finished and told us not to become attached to his physical form. Babaji’s heart stopped on Valentine’s Day of 1984.

Although his physical presence is not now apparent, he continues to guide his followers and ashrams worldwide through his example, inspiration, inner guidance and love.



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