Brothers and Sisters

By Raghuvir

Dear Brothers and Sisters and Babaji’s family are often at the top of the vocabulary I use. At times I get questions how I can keep on expressing myself like this with a dysfunctional group of people as we often appear to be.

When we compare the enormous crowds that Sai Baba, OSHO, Amma JI, Sad Guru and others great ones have and are pulling with the small number of people who were around Babaji one may wonder why. Considering who Babaji is, His presence should have been a revolution on earth. From the few things that He spoke about Himself in His manifestation of Bhole Baba we can make up that His mission was not just for entertaining or blessing the few people who came to His lotus feet. His mission was for all humanity and really for the entire nature. At this point it is clear now, humanity is at odds with nature and on a self-destructing course.

He has stated at times that He only allowed certain people to come to Him. Why where these people, who do not appear to incorporate the finest spiritual examples, selected by Him only He can answer. He is known as the Guru of guru’s, the teacher of teachers, so one wonders why He has not collected saints and great yogi’s around Him for further teachings for they will certainly be able to grasp His teachings and follow flawlessly His instructions. He has said at times that we did not know who we are. Do we have great souls that are now for some karmic reason, confined to a life stumbling around in ignorance while The great Lord is illuminating this darkness with His Divine Light? All nice questions for a confused mind to play with but what is evident is that the Lord of the Universe has taken an interest in us. Knowing this is making our life a celebration even if we are not aware of why and how. This is not only for those who did meet Him 40/50 years back, it is for everybody who can feel Him in her/his heart.

On inspired days during the Babaji festivals our hearts open up and it is easy to see Babaji in each others eyes. That is where we are One, we are One in Him and that feels so wonderful. We are a wild variety of personalities that all have their own way of thinking and doing all making up the wide colourful spectrum of humanity, reflecting His unconditional Love. With open hearts we do not judge our sister or brother, we see what we love and admire in the other. By no means I am always in that state and am often still challenged by those who appear or behave so different than myself. When somebody or a situation upsets me I see now that it is my upset and an opportunity to learn about me where I can evolve. If we can manage to be loving, compassionate also with others who do behave adversely to us, we have made some sort of progress. Babaji loves us unconditionally. We are not able to do so… yet but it is important to keep it high in our aspirations and strive for it. This is a major tool to prepare ourselves for the new world that Babaji spoke of and is so close now. We are at the brink of a major shift in our world that Babaji came to warn us for. It is now or never to put in practice compassion, patience, understanding, kindness and attempt for unconditional Love. To be extremely mindful when our mind starts to judge, condemn, feel superior, be jealous, envious and competitive for we are really doing it to ourselves.

Bhole Baba ki Jai !

Durga Maya ki Jai !

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