Calling the Divine

By Raghuvir

Dear Ones

In one of the beautiful stories from the Bible Jesus goes into the desert to meet His holy father. While there in meditation and contemplation, the devil comes to tempt Him. When I was a child, it was explained to me that the devil, in the form of a snake, came out from under a rock and tried to seduce Jesus to use His powers to change rocks into bread and tested His holy Father to show His love for His son by using force. It is said that he was in the desert for 40 days fasting and in meditation. Time and experience have made me see this all in a different Light. If you attempt seclusion and meditation like this just for a couple of days, you will see the devil appear between your very ears in no time and most probably even before you start, discouraging yourself. This poor snake, the metaphor for Satan, is taking the heat in several places in the Bible. These stories had to live through many centuries and for most of this time, they were told to unlettered people who understood these things much better as a simple concepts. 

A painting of Jesus in the desert.
A painting of Jesus in the desert.

Having done a little bit of Sadhana now and then in my life, I have made my acquaintance with this devil on several occasions and I can see him still, often walking right beside me and talking to me a lot. All praise to Babaji who resides in my heart and is taking up a lot of my attention. The devil lives between our ears and the Divine resides in our heart as I like to put it simply. At crisis times, but even more during the jolly good times, this devil can yell in our ears so loud that it is extremely hard to stay focused on the Divine in our heart. This is what happened, in my opinion, to Jesus when He was undertaking that humongous practice of going in the wilderness, without food, for so long. Being already such a high, and, very well-established yogi, the unconscious mind still with some residual lower tendencies, came to His awareness with suggestions of how to break His determination.

If this still was happening to Him, being extremely advanced in yoga, where does this leave us, regular and confused devotees who do a bit of practice? In the same place, in my humble opinion, as Jesus since practice makes perfect! Of course, Lord Jesus had a very special destiny to fulfil but He was a human being just like us and perhaps on a different level needed to overcome the same obstacles that we face all the time in our life. He had His focus extremely well established on His holy Father and that makes temptations from the lower mind fade like snow in the sun.

We all know this devil inside of us proposing all the wrong choices. Mostly unaware, we succumb to these choices throughout our life. Most of us here have tasted the Divine nectar and are sort of graced with a different focus…. but it remains a tough practice that requires a moment-to-moment attention to make the right steps for our evolution. In Sanatan Dharma, God & the devil are less polarized, as all is One. In a way it is easier to put the blame for all evil and misfortune on an ugly half animal depicted character than accepting responsibility for our own sins, for continuously succumbing to our lower nature. Taking responsibility for our evolution is aiding the evolution of mankind.

I cannot describe the enormous stimulus that meeting Babaji has made on my life. The more I discover the Divine, the more grateful I feel about it. From what I have understood it is because of the intense Sadhana of Shri Mahendra Maharaj that Babaji has manifested a body for 14 years. Babaji does not need to manifest a body to do His work. I suspect it would be an enormous bother for Him now since social media, e-mail, and phone connections are instant and travel is so easy and fast. On the other hand, God has no limits and has unconditional love for His devotees. There is now not even a shadow of a great saint like Mahendra Maharaj amongst us who can seduce our beloved Babaji into a human form again. But perhaps we are in many now that have a sincere hunger for His manifestation in these troubled times. Perhaps not even for you and me, but for the thousands that would come and have His darshan, for all those who will have a change of heart after beholding His Divine presence with their eyes.

Surely The great Babaji will not react to whimsical wishes but how could He not respond to the deep yearning from His earnest devotees? How could He not respond to the cry of many of His earnest devotees calling Him out of the Himalaya to His Assan in Herakhan. With this in my mind I came up with a plan that I will personally do and call on any yogi and yogini, wanne be yogi and devotee to take part in enticing the Lord to walk amongst us once

On Sunday 14th of February, it will be 37 years that Babaji has left His physical form. I will start on Friday 12 February reducing food to a bare minimum and offer 108000 mantra’s at His lotus feet with the earnest request in mind to take physical presence amongst us again. I am calling on you who read this to do the same. For offering such an amount of Om Namah Shivaya or Om Haidiyakhandi mantra’s you will need to do a lot of Japa to complete it. Start earlier if you cannot take 3 days out of your life. See how you can participate in calling Babaji. Be a part of it, if not for you, do it for the benefit of humanity. Let us try together to let unconditional Love manifest in a body. It has taken Mahendra Baba years, so we will need to do this a lot more but let us start it now that the kranti is taking shape.

Having read this and looking back at the start of this mail…. meet the devil between your ears and feel the Divine yearning in your heart. He will be a lot louder once you will sit with your mala and His Love will engulf you with your focus and, who knows, perhaps we will be part of something bigger than life itself.

Ao-Ao Bhole Baba, Himalaya se ao, Kripa caro tumare bhakton pe.

Come come Bhole Baba, come from the Himalaya have compassion on your devotees.

Bhole Baba ki Jai !

Shri Haidakhandi Bhagwan ki Jai !


  1. Gilda De Francesco

    Please help me. I want to do Japa. To me Babaji Is Shiva,buy I need a mantra including Haidakhandi to be specific. What can I use? Om Haidakhandi? something else?

    • Hello Gilda. Om Namah Shivay is still the olden golden one. However if you like to be more specific you can also do Om Haidakhandi. Om Namah Shivay touches all the chackra’s while Om Haidakhandi from the heart up. I have just done 3 days 15 hours a day of Om haidakhandi, then you get meet the mantra. Enjoy ! Raghuvir

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