Dearest Haidakhandi Family,We, the Jai HO community, are taking a sabbatical for a few months while we figure out where the organization is headed and whether it is still of value or not.Therefore, this website will not have any new news for the immediate future, but we will keep you informed if we decide…

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Visioni d’Unione

Inspired by the N.G.G. gatherings by Jai HO there will be a gathering by the next generation without facilitators from 26 to 29 September 2019 in the northern Italian ashram. A great opportunity for the younger generation to gather in HIS name and celebrate HIM in their own way. Please help to spread the…

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3rd Next Generation Gathering, July 20-24, 2018

To read the report of the 3rd NGG , please check here 3nd Next Generation Gathering, July 20-24, 2018 Siddhashram, Schweibenalp, Switzerland   Dear Babaji Family and Friends Jai HO invite you to join us on our third, 5-day Next Generation Gathering (NGG) in Switzerland. The event will begin on Friday 20th July 2018…

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Dear Friends, It’s in 10 days and it is still time to join ! 😃 We are now inviting you to join us on the 5 day gathering and skills training for Babaji next generation and other spiritually minded people between the ages of 17 and 40. Accommodation, food and workshops for Next Generation Gathering…

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Aspects of universal spiritual philosophy, spiritual practice and poetry within Indian Sacred Language and the Haidakhandi Aarti


by Sundar and All

This long title announces a workshop, where we will look at the prayers in the Artibook and try to understand the content of this inspired writing of old vedic masters and of Sri Mahendra Maharaj, an Indian Saint, learned wise man and devotee.

We will detect that the mantric language of the Arti is very poetic and a love letter to God, to Babaji, to us. That’s good for our soul and nourishes the deepest part of us, the most generic part of us, our soul.

Besides the love letter aspect, the text is speaking of many spiritual principles we want to keep in mind and learn to integrate in life. By singing them often, traditionally twice daily, the devotee gets automatically reminded of the spiritual principles to focus on; especially, if he sings with awareness of the content. Divine names are also there and can be understood and savoured. Lastly we are called and initiated into various spiritual practices, the royal way for transformation.

It will be my pleasure to show and present and discuss this with the participants and I will do my best to do it in a way that it may be of interest to the searching conscious mind and touch the seeker heart.

Naturally we will not only read the texts but will also sing them together.

I am sure we will have fun together!



This workshop will take place on Saturday 1st July 2017 at Bhole Baba Ashram (Rieferath, Germany)

For more information or participate, check Next Generation Gathering.


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Mindfulness Workshop

by Lok Nath and Nan Singh           In this workshop, we will explore: Why be mindful ? It will include: Tools and practices to help you maintain a commitment to your path or journey. Learning mindfulness exercises that you can do at any time to bring you fully into the…

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World Cafe

A collaborative dialogue and knowledge sharing about topics that matter  with Gaby The “World Café” is a structured conversational process intended to facilitate open and intimate discussion, and link ideas within a larger group to access the collective wisdom. Participants move between a series of tables where they continue the discussion in response to…

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Spiritual Enquiry

with Gayatri Most of our moods, reactions and responses arise automatically and unconsciously from our early conditioning and survival strategies. They are rarely questioned or even noticed, yet they can cause all sorts of dis-ease. The Inquiry workshop consists of examining our emotional states of being, looking deeply into our patterns of relating and…

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