Chaitra Navaratras 2017 Report

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Chaitras Navaratras

28 March – 5 April 2017

Haidakhan Vishwa Mahadham,

District Nainital (Uttarakhand)

Dear Sisters & Brothers,

Through the grace & blessings of Shree Babaji, I joyfully share this report of the happy celebration of the Chaitra Navratras at the Haidakhan ashram. All gathered at the feet of Babaji, from all corners of India and the world. My love & gratitude reaches out to all brothers & sisters, who put in so much effort, to make this Navratra congregation blissful & peaceful. May Babaji’s blessings be upon all of us in togetherness. Bhole Baba ki jail

Alok Banerjee

Chairman of the Haidakhandi Samaj


It started well on 27th March evening, when Acharaya Mayapati explained beautifully, the essence of the Navaratras : why we pray and invoke the Divine Mother for 9 days. This is primarily to awaken the power of our own pure intellect and wisdom to overcome the demons inside us, with the beauty of love — which is what we are in our pure state beyond the self created illusions of mind.
As we moved into the rhythm of the Navratra celebrations, we realized all that exists and is happening, is actually divine intelligence at play, and that we are merely nano-instruments of this divine lila. We have to just plunge ourselves into the motion of things with truth, simplicity & love —that is our duty. We don’t have to concern ourselves with what is or what will be, it is all being looked after by Bhole Baba, our Divine Director, we are merely the part-time actors of his play. And everything indeed drifted seamlessly and beautifully from very early morning to night and from one day to another. Everyone was automatically a small part of a well lubricated large machine, each playing a role — no role big or small — each role delegated to us by the divine operator, Shri 1008 Haidakhan Wale Baba.

About 230 devotees from 38 countries outside India came to participate. Several old-time devotees who had not visited for some years, were present and added gravitas to the proceedings. Innumerable younger devotees too were present and they took great part in karma yoga and taking on celebration tasks and responsibilities. Devotees also came in huge numbers from all across India – particularly from Rajastan & Bihar filling the newly expanded ashram to bursting on the last days of Navaratri. The new construction is otherwise proceeding well. Plans are afoot to build an activity hall on the top, with plenty of glass so as to enjoy the marvelous panoramic view all around. It will be useful for meetings, yoga and other activities in the future. One conceptual clarity dawned this time more than ever before : we are not at Haidakhan Vishwa Mahadham, because we want to be there. It is Babaji who gets us there, when he wants us to be there.

Three publications were launched for the use of Samaj members.

HAIDAKHANDI HAVAN MANTRAS : a simple step-by-step guide to learning how to conduct the Haidakhandi Havan. This booklet is printed on special plastic-infused paper which makes it resistant to damage, water and dirty hands. The package also holds a USB card with a recording of the whole booklet recited by Vinod Acharya. This booklet is now available through the Haidiyakhandi Samaj but carries a big personal responsibility. The recitation of the mantras by Vinod Acharya are guidelines to help you memorize the correct pronunciation of the Sanskrit Mantras & Slokas. To assimilate the correct method of conducting the Havan, taking a short course with Vinod Acharya in India, Maarten Baba in Holland, Raidass in Bulgaria or Pujari in Russia, is highly advised. Havan is very beneficial for personal growth and the environment but if it is not done correctly it can have adverse effects. We therefore highlight the personal responsibility you have, to not take this lightly and avoid conducting the Havan without proper initiation into this practice. Ashwin Navratras are from 21-29 September and Vinod Acharya will hold a 5-day course on conducting the Havan. Registration for this course is open now with Sanjeev Sarna.

NAVRATRI IN THE HAIDAKHANDI TRADITION : a comprehensive guide in 4 languages (English, Italian, Russian & German) to the Haidakhandi Samaj Navratri celebrations.

SRI HAIDIYAKHANDI SAPTASATI : a concise hardbound edition of Shri Haidiyakhandi Saptasati printed in Roman script.

Love & best wishes to all brothers & sisters.

Bhole Baba Ki Jai!

“All must vow to always work and serve, think good and do good. Liberation will come only to those who practise karma yoga.”


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