Chaitra Navaratri 2021

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

As we can see all around our world is still in the grip of The Covid 19 menace.
It seemed that India was doing quite well but this month is showing a steep increase in cases again. The chairman of the Indian Samaj, Shri Dr Arvind Lal is with regret also cancelling the Chaitra Navatari at Herakhan for 2021. All Babaji’s ashrams, Herakhan, Chiliyanoula and Manda will be closed for the Divine Mother celebrations. We pray with you that the situation will soon change and we can join together to celebrate our devotion In Babaji’s centres.

However the Navaratri dates are chosen for a deeper reason and these days are highly beneficial for our spiritual progress wherever we may find ourselves.
You dedication to the Divine in those days is multiplied into our world that is so much in dear need of these vibrations. Also for your personal life the blessings derived from you Sadhana and devotion are answered in a particular gracious way in these blessed days. So no matter where you are, please do what you can to dedicated your attention, time and effort to the Divine. Havan and Puja are wonderful but if this is all alien and complicated to do by yourself, please do repeat the holy names, Mantra’s and direct your focus outside the busy and worried mind to the all encompassing Divine. This is what you can do on building the new world inside and around in the world. We are all ONE.
The hidden gem in this situation is that being by yourself or in small numbers your concentration on the Devi can be more focussed because there is much less distraction…….apart from that what we have between out own ears.

There will surely be online Aarti’s and Havan’s offered from different places around the world in Babaji’s name. Navaratri will start this year on the 12th Of April and end on the 20th. It is still far away so there is good time to prepare yourself and to inform yourself to take full benefit of this auspicious period.

Durga Maya ki Jai !

Shri Kali Mata ki Jai !

Shri Lakhsmi Mata ki Jai !

Shri Saraswati Mata ki Jai !

Jai Mahamaya Ki Jai !

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