Designing a New Culture in a New Paradigm

Designing a New Culture in a New Paradigm1Sundar

by Sundar


This workshop is a presentation and discussion of a Peace plan for a new Culture of Love, Unity and Peace I, Sundar, got downloaded during a journey in India in Jan/Feb 2015.

I was very inspired and enthusiastic and made several think tank meetings with professional and spiritual friends about it and want to share it with all of you now!

By now my enthusiasm has held, but the shadows have also arrived and many hours of tears of myself.

To engage in the world is a big question. To want to help alleviate suffering of others too. Isn’t the only reality inside? Or outside? Or both? Or NONE? So many questions.

I go with the principle that spirituality rests on two equal size pillars: the one of compassion and compassionate action and the one of inner research and practice for oneness with the Divine.

So where are we in the world and what would it need in 8 fields of action to transform our civilisation in a regenerative and sustainable one. What are the obstacles?

It will be very exciting to share and to learn about all those questions.

This workshop promises to be challenging and exciting for all those with curiosity or interest for our planet and humanity.


This workshop will take place on Wednesday 5th July 2017 at Bhole Baba Ashram (Rieferath, Germany)

For more information or participate, check Next Generation Gathering.

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