Divine Mother under attack

by Raghuvir

Happy Navaratri to you !

Amba Amba Jai Jagdamba, serve rup he Tu hi Amba.

Oh Mother of the world, all forms have their origin in You.

The concept of the Divine Mother has of course Her roots in our Mother where we came through into this world. That may be an enormous debt to Her from birth. A debt, but not a burden for Her wish for us is to enjoy, marvel and evolve in harmony in Her paradise on earth. To do that does not seem easy for Her children, even for Her devotees.

Nowhere in the world the Divine Mother is worshipped and celebrated more than in India. Also the personal mother is highly respected and loved by her children in India, more than in many other places around the world and rightly so as she has given herself to make our life possible. We take it for granted but one of the greatest miracles on earth is how a new form comes into existence through Mother. She is the portal for all life. In this deeply spiritual country where the sacredness of the Mother is so highly recognised there is also a shadow side becoming very evident in the last years. More frequently than seldom the headlines of the world news are captured with details of gruesome rapes often covered up by corrupt police officers.

Females are generally seen as the weaker gender. That works only as far as just muscle is counted. Until not long ago it was generally man who brought in the pay check and woman took care of the family. Since man are generally physically build stronger it is not strange that physically demanding work and protecting the family is done by them . Women are the very portal of life, they make sense to it all by securing that our lives go on beyond our life. They more than often make a house into a home and are vital in nurturing our offspring into a healthy future. An intense struggle has given more recognition to the Female in the last century but we are still living in a male dominated world. It seems caveman consciousness that the male physical power still holds sway over all that beauty and wonder that woman offer to the mix of a life in harmony on earth.

Some years back Dr Vandana Lal has started the continuously expanding Girls project in Babaji’s name. That is a great start but we can do a lot more in support to liberate the female gender from its oppression and truly worship the Divine Mother. I am very aware of bringing up this sensitive subject amongst us but it will take serious courage to actually change something. Here I suggest we start a constructive discussion amongst us to raise consciousness about this serious problem.

Babaji worshipped as the Divine Mother.

As we worship Babaji also as the Divine Mother we should also worship the Divine Mother is ourselves and each other. How beautiful that we, Ladies & Gents, boys & girls, brothers & Sisters are representatives on earth for Gods and Devi’s. It’s much to live up to of course but then we have all our lives, and if we are waisting our time, many life times to do so. There is no way out on the evolutionary ladder so we better wrestle ourselves out of our caterpillar cocoon and butterfly around in Her paradise.

Jai Maha Maya ki Jai.
Durga Maya ki Jai!
Bhole Baba ki Jai !

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