Exciting news from the Maha Shakti Dhuni

by Raghuvir


Jai Maha Shakti ki Jai !

Exciting news from the Maha Shakti Dhuni where a new floor and Babaji’s assan is being (probably already done ) covered in granite.
Some may have never noticed but the cement floor is always severely damaged. It is mopped twice and swept many times more everyday.
If you have done this service then you know well how much extra work this is all the time and it does not really look nice also.
A generous devotee has donated the granite and it should be in a shiny new state. I hope I can follow this up with pictures of it soon.
If you look at this picture you can see the damaged floor.

In this picture we can also see the new packaging for the Vibhuti from the Maha Shakti Dhuni.
Lovely made in natural paper with a small explanation on the back.
A beautiful gift also to bring to others of these sacred healing ashes.

Take a look at the web site, here soon you will be able to see the new floor.

We are still financially independent from the ashram.
Our funds come from those who love this sacred place and participate in it.
The Paypal account is also listed on the website under donations.



New floor of Maha Shakti Dhuni (Picture by Vasanti Devi)



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