Ganesh Chaturthi 2020

by Raghuvir
Jai Ganesha, Jai Ganesha, Jai Ganesha Deva !
On 22 Augustus begins Charturthi, an 11 day festival in the honour of Lord Ganesha, finishing on September first. It is also regarded as His birthday. Eleven days of a birthday seems a bit overwhelming but then again this great deity is overwhelming in many ways.
Ganesha is one of the most revered Indian mythological deities. Not only by Hindu’s but in many cultures all over Southeast Asia and quickly gaining popularity worldwide. In western countries often for His cute and mystical appearance. In Sanathan dharma however He is of great importance and no temple is or puja is done without His presence. He has many special qualities and perhaps foremost known for being the remover of obstacles. For this reason every puja and ceremony starts with dressing Lord Ganesh. Also in weddings, new homes, cars or any major activity first Lord Ganesh is being invited. 
He is also well known as the embodiment of knowledge and it is said the He is at the foundation of many of the great Vedic scriptures. 
Somehow these two qualities seem linked together to me, to apply knowledge, consciousness and understanding with any major activity in life seems wisdom in action. If we would remember to do that always, we would most probably encounter a lot less problems in our life.
He is also the embodiment of well being, as his generous shape of His body displays, and a support in any of His devotees to procure well being in various forms in their lives. It is also interesting to mention that Lord Ganesha is the patronage saint of the arts, a wonderful quality in human beings and a distinct quality that other species do not possess ( as far as I am aware ).
So reasons enough brothers and sisters to offer Ganesha a nice place in your life, your home and your actions. 
Most of you probably know the mythological story of how Ganesha received His elephant head but for those who don’t I will write it down in my own words. 
Parvati, the spouse of Lord Shiva created a son in the absence of her Divine partner. He was a handsome and strong boy. One day She asked him to guard the door of their home as She was taking a bath. Just on that moment Lord Shiva came back from His travels. The boy Ganesha stopped Him and said that nobody was allowed to enter. Lord Shiva was taken by surprise that anybody would stop Him entering His own home and told him to quickly step aside. The strong lad did not waver and was very determined not to let anybody pass. A fierce fight started and initially Ganesh stood His ground. Lord Shiva then had enough and severed His head with His trident. His mother came out of the house on hearing the noise and saw the carnage of her son with his severed head. She was pain stricken and angry with the Lord for His actions. Lord Shiva then realised what He had done and send His attendants of and take the head of the first creature that they would meet on their path. This was an elephant and Lord Shiva mounted the head and it was a happy Divine family once again. There are also other explanations how this came to pass but this is the most famous one.
Another playful story about the infinite wisdom of Lord Ganesh is when Lord Shiva was sitting on His assan, His two son’s Kartikeya and Ganesh were arguing who would be faster. Kartikeya being a very strong warrior and athlete laughed at his chubby brother and said, OK let’s race a round the universe and who returns here at our father assign is the winner. Kartikeya took of in lightening speed and disappeared in the distance. Ganesha calmly walked around His father sitting on His assan and waited peacefully for Kartikeya to return. Lord Shiva is the Universe and Ganesh was declared the winner. Power will get you many places but wisdom a lot further.
Many great and entertaining stories in the Indian mythology. The western mind may try to look for reason and logic in this mythology but better to just enjoy it as it is. Many of these stories are so easily accessible on the internet now and can enrich your inner world so much more than Netflix or Facebook. However fabulous these stories may be it is wise to remember that these are all metaphors for highly important Divine energies governing life itself. It is our choice to open up or ignore in our life.
It is said that during the 11 days of Charturthi festival there a moments that looking at the moon will induce and enhance negative qualities. Puja to Lord Ganesha may protect you a lot from that but if you want to know more……do your own research and enjoy the many wonderful aspects of Lord Ganesha.
Last but not least I like to pass you a practice to invite the Lord into your being, become like Ganesha and it is called “Thoppukaranam”.
Lord Ganesha is the Guardian of the Muladhara (base) chakra. Muladhara chakra houses the kundalini energy. On the spiritual path it is important to get entry past the muladhara chakra to activate the kundalini energy. When that energy is awakened we get access to the powers of Lord Ganesha.
The Technique:
1. Hold your right ear using the thumb and forefinger of your left hand.
2. Hold your left ear using the thumb and forefinger of your right hand.
3. Note – The thumb should be in the front and the forefinger at the back of the ear.
4. Note – The right arm should be outside for this technique to work!
5. Keep your feet shoulder width apart.
6. Connect your tongue to the palate.
7. Do a squat – breathe in while sitting down and breathe out when getting up.
8. You can practice this up to 14 times a day!
9. You may face east to get the maximum benefits.
10. The best time to do this is before your food and after some breathing exercises!
It is a wonderful practice to do in front of an image of Lord Ganesha. It is known to increase the level of your awareness and alertness and make you more intelligent. It also activates the parts of the brain that can connect us with the divine energy and become a doorway to the supreme state of consciousness.
Ganesha Bhagwan ki Jai!
Ganepatti Maharaj ki Jai !
Shri Mata Parvati ki Jai!
Bhole Baba ki Jai !

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