Greetings from The Maha Shakti Dhuni


by Raghuvir


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Greetings from The Maha Shakti Dhuni at Herakhan Vishwa Mahadham.

The Duni is in good shape and well cared for by Sangeeta at the moment.
The new floor which was placed earlier this year is beautiful and a pleasure to work with for those who do service there.

The Duni account is separate from the Asram or Samaj accounts and funded only by devotees with donations.
Therefor from time to time we send out a request for donations.

The Duni requires a considerable amount of firewood to keep the Maha Shakti fire burning.
Donations are also used for Incense and all other puja items including prasaad if nothing is brought in personally.
The funds were not used for something like the new floor, this was a personal donation from somebody.

It would be wonderful if a small monthly or quarterly donation could be made in a fixed way by those who feel that this wonderful fire temple of the Mother is also present in their heart.
It is a way to stay connected.

Be inspired, PHURO !

Because of the Paypal account here also small donations can easily be made.

Information on how to participate is here :

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