Gurupurnima 2018 from 24th to 28th July – Switzerland



Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Happiness is a choice so let’s make it a Happy New Year and indulge in the Divine.
We like to welcome you to the international Haidakhandi Gurupurnima gathering!

We are happy to celebrate this Guru Purnima together again at Schweibenalp, the Center of Unity. Guru Purnima is celebrated in India with the full moon in July, dedicated to the inner guidance, manifested as an external teacher to show us the way out of the darkness into the light. With the blessings of Sri Babaji, Sri Muniraji and the Divine Mother we will celebrate with old and new devotees from all over the world for five days, with aarti’s and puja’s (rituals), yagnas (fire ceremonies) and bhajans (singing of devotional songs).

By bringing together and exchanging our stories, experiences and memories (satsang), the Haidakhan family is being realigned and strengthened. At the same time, it is a time of purification and to strengthen our inner guidance of the guru in our heart. The love and direct guidance of Babaji is palpable.

The powerful environment of Schweibenalp supports our spiritual practice: Diving into the river Giessbach, with its source in the mountains, cascading down into the huge waterfall directly behind the house into the crystal clear Lake Brienz. Or hiking in the pure air of the mountains and in the silence of nature. There will also be time for that!

In addition to mantra japa (repetition of the mantra as Om Namah Shivaya) we also invite to karma yoga (selfless action). With the help of a minimum of one hour of karma yoga per person per day, we can provide the comfort of all visitors and the entire Haidakhan family!

The week before Guru Purnima, 19-24 July 2018, the international Jai Ho – Next Generation Gathering will also be held at Schweibenalp. (More info about that on the website:

Let us come together in simplicity, truth and love!

More information here ;
Reservation directly at Center of Unity, Schweibenalp, 3855 Brienz or phone: +41 (0) 33 952 2000,

Reduction Fund: We wish that everyone who wants can take part in Guru Purnima! For devotees with lower or no income, or from financially less strong countries, there is the reduction fund. You can get a reduction up to CHF 25 per day (not valid for single or double rooms). If you need discount on above prices, please contact us in advance. Please do not come without announcement and request a discount on the spot! Discounts are only available as long as the fund has money!

If you have the financial resources to support other devotees, and if you would like to donate for the reduction fund, we are very happy! Then please also contact the Schweibenalp.

Bhole Baba ki … JAI

guru-purnima-2018Bhole Baba Ki Jai!

Dear brothers and sisters,
We are very happy to invite you all to come to the big international Guru Purnima celebration from July 24-28th, 2018 at the Center of Unity – Schweibenalp in Switzerland!
The website with all information for registration you can find on:
The Facebook event for sharing is here:
poster for printing is attached. Please print it and hang it in your ashram, center or other public spaces. Please also share all the info in your newsletters, through your network on facebook, websites etc.
If you have any questions about the organization, you can contact me. For registration, please contact directly.
The more people will come, the stronger the energies and Babaji’s blessings!
We are very much looking forward to meet you, and sing, pray and celebrate together!
In the name of the organization team,




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