Gurupurnima & Bhakti Festival 2018 Havan Speeches

by Raghuvir

Gurupurnima 2918 Havan Speeches in Switzerland


Day 1

Bhole Baba ki Jai !

Welcome Sisters and Brothers to the International Guru Purnima Celebrations at Siddhashram in Switzerland. This beautiful place was started about 36 years back and has seen many stages in it’s development. Here it is also called the center of Unity and so many faiths have united here according to the vision of the founder, our dear brother Sundar Baba. Sundar is carrying Babaji in his heart and these gatherings are therefor very important to him as it is to all of us. We all have Babaji in our heart and when we celebrate Him together our beloved Babaji manifests Himself abundantly amongst us. Our hearts are opening and His Divine beauty is shared lavishly between us. There are probably many different ways we each can think of to have a nice time but what can match such Divine grace that we are truly longing for deep in our heart. A special welcome to those who have been led here for the first time and are about the experience the treat of a life here.

We are about to start the Vedic fire ceremony that Babaji has inspired us to do on auspicious occasions. In this ancient ritual specific offerings are made while Sanskrit mantra’s are recited to various aspects of the Divine. The blessings of this sacred healing and nurturing practice is permeating all of nature that we are part of, with Divine presence. Give it the best of your attention and prayers to support the call to the Divine for Harmony inside and outside ourselves. We are perhaps not able to offer everybody a seat at the Havankund in these 4 days. For your true participation this makes no difference however, it depends on your focus and concentration. Trishna Devi will guide the first havan today.

Our dear brother Hargovind Baba has come after some time in absence. All of us are joyfully welcoming his presence in our midst. May he and his companion fully experience Babaji’s love and our joy here. Together with our European Pandit, Maarten Baba they will recite the Sanskrit mantra’s and sloka’s to invoke the various aspects of the Divine to collect our offerings.


Day 2

Bhole Baba Ki Jai !

Welcome Brothers and Sisters to the second day of our 4 day Yagna dedicated to Babaji who presents His holy Self in many Divine expressions. The Divine is truly formless and is manifesting itself in form in different ways at different times in different cultures and places all pointing to that same oneness and harmony.

The Divine is consciousness that is present also as a seed or a small flame in our very own heart. It is present in the heart of Donald Trump, Mick Jagger, Merril Streep and every Tom, Dick and Mary including you and me. Our lives quest is to recognize, kindle and nurture that flame in our heart and support the Divine to establish itself more and more profoundly in our existence and on our planet with our prayers and actions. The Trumps, Jaggers and sorts are probably not so active with this, it is however the human potential to become aware of our Divine nature. The Divine is so palpable here now that it is practically knocking on our door with a warm invitation.

The world as we know it is crumbling and human values are stepped on by the leading forces in the world. These are non the less not really the leading forces but personified, runaway lower tendencies of our human nature. The real and only power is the Divine that has given us free choice, a curse and a blessing for humanity. Your devotion, your prayers and your dedicated actions are the antidote for your own life as well as for the world around us. It is our choice of what we do with our time on earth in a human body.

This sacred fire, this medium of transformation is an important part of  Babaji’s work. Together we are serving Him by conducting this in the way He has shown us. Your presence and concentration here is how you can add to harmony on earth.

Now Kharkuanand will lead us in the second havan and Hargovind Baba and Maarten Baba will recite the havan mantra’s and sloka’s.


Day 3

Bhole Baba ki Jai !

Happy Guru Purnima Sisters and Brothers, The full moon of July dedicated to the Guru, that soft inner voice of guidance beyond the loud rumblings of our mind. For us Babaji is that voice. During the Tvameva sloka in the aarti we bow to Him as our mother, father, our family and friend and surrender to Him as our everything. This is holds much more then a devotional sloka we sing. It is a deep practice from minute to minute throughout our life to surrender to the Divine so His or Her if you prefer, will shall be done. For many of us Babaji is profoundly imbedded in our heart and imagining a life without Him is like Switzerland without mountains. Please follow me in this prayer to Babaji who is present here and now.

 O’ Lord Babaji, all praise to You for gracing us again and again with your presence in our life and dwelling amongst us when we gather in your holy name. We have done nothing to deserve your unconditional love and guiding us with Your Divine light through the dark Kali yuga. We have no rights to ask for anything, yet being hopelessly caught in the web of maya we humbly request you to lead us into your Divine being and shine Your luminous Self on the labyrinth of our life. O’ beloved Lord have compassion of humanity while you are performing your majestic dance of destruction and creation. Lord of Herakhan, You are our beacon of hope and we request you to take one of Your magnificent human forms again o gracious Guru and guide us through the dark times onto a path of service to You and into Your Divine harmony. From our limited mind we offer you all our gratitude for being with us and always looking out for us. May we always remember that you are the giver and taker of all that takes place in our life. May You always be celebrated throughout the world and Your holy names be remembered and sung by all of humanity. Bhole Baba ki Jai, Jagat Guru Shri Haidakhandi Bhagwan ki jai !

Well Brothers and Sisters there is really nothing left to say then to celebrate and repeat the holy names with joy and devotion during this splendid sacred ritual. Sundar Baba will now lead us through the Guru Purnima Havan while Hargovind Baba and Maarten Baba are calling on many aspects of the Divine to collect our offerings by reciting the Sanskrit mantra’s and sloka’s.


Day 4

Bhole Baba ki Jai !

Welcome Sisters and brothers to the 4th and last day of our Guru Purnima gathering in Switzerland. What a tremendous grace we have received here at Siddhashram in Babaji’s presence. The last sentence in Babaji’s aarti translates to ; Mother of the world all forms are yours. How can we worship as small individuals everything, how can we even address such an enormity. Shri Babaji has shown us the way, and that way we have done here in these days. That Divine grace that has touched each of us here in these days is visible in our eyes and the smiles on our faces. What great fortune has befallen on us that He has called us to His lotus feet and made us part of His Divine leela, His play in this period of time. Bhole Baba ki jai !

Today it is also a very special day brothers and sisters, Today it is the first day of the rest of your life. Soon we will be going back to our lives and pick up a our activities. How can we take this what we experience now with us. We can not, this is His blessing of our collective devotion to Him. We can however dedicate individually our every day to Him by doing some practice as much as our life permits. The more we invite the Divine into every aspect of our life, the more He will be present throughout our day. Besides our prayers and devotional practices we can also do seva. Helping those who need help, sick, old and needy people is helping Babaji. When we think of the welfare of others we have less time to think about our personal problems. Many of us are not able to donate sums of money, or help war fugitives to a safe shore but doing some shopping for an old or sick person, give some time and kind words to those who suffer loneliness or a loveless life. Also the various Babaji organizations around the world like Samaj, Jai HO, Ashrams and centers always need volunteers with all sorts of skills to keep His places and works in His name going. With all that we can give as concentration, activities, finances and seva, the more one gives, the more returns. The Bhole Baba Bank is a good investment of resources as it will never go bankrupt or suffer crises.

The great revolution, the kranti that Babaji spoke so often about has probably already begun but there is most probably more hardship to come and it will touch everybody in one way or the other. Babaji has promised Abhayan, Divine protection to His devotees so for us there is no need for fear but lots of need for faith. As Babaji said, all depends on faith. May our focus be on Him in our darkest hour.

Thank you all for being here and listening to His invitation, your presence is wonderful and it would not have been the same without you. Such gatherings can only be a success when we all do our part. We look forward to being with you again on the next gathering in His holy name. Travel safely to your destination, may His name always be on the tip of your tongue and peace be with you. One great blessing is still awaiting in front of us here with this last sacred fire ceremony to strengthen that flame we carry in our heart. Today Raghuvir Sharan Chaudery will lead this havan with the sacred spoon. Hargovind Baba and Maarten Baba are reciting the Sanskrit Mantra’s and sloka’s to entice the Divine to collect the offerings. Maarten Baba is a professional Pandit, this is his work and livelihood. To complete your puja, your participation to the ceremonies and appreciation for his work it is custom in India to slip some daksna, some financial contribution for his work in his pocket.

Thank you in advance, Bhole Baba ki Jai !


Talk at the Havan of the 2018 Bhakti Gathering at Sadashiva Dham (Holland)

Bhole Baba ki Jai !

Welcome Sisters and Brothers to this wonderful gathering in devotion. We can express our devotion standing on one leg focused on the Divine for some years, sleep on a bed of pointy nails, sit in meditation high up in an Himalayan cave or sing and dance with the holy names of the Divine on our lips. Thank you that you have chosen to do the last and be here and together create this vibration where the Divine is so palpable. Babaji has made it so easy for us, we just need to go to the places were we gather in His name and Divine bliss is happening. It is practically impossible to reach such blissful states when we run around in our usual life. Our peace is harassed with our mind full of our likes and dislikes, desires, fears, plans and things to do. When we are caught in that web it is so hard to find that stillness inside, that connectedness with our Divine nature. Praise the Lord that He has given us such beautiful places like Sadashiva Dham were we can come and connect with Him and find our way back to our selves and what really matters. The world will always have it motions of going round and round and our monkey mind will always be attracted to something, for this is it’s nature. It is thru practicing awareness that we can see the perpetual maya in the world as well as inside of us. When we are able to see how deeply we are caught in these illusions of our self it is easy to see that everybody else is suffering the same fate and our judgment of others becomes unreal stemming from our own mental confusion. Just by working with ourselves in this way, empathy, compassion and inner peace develops naturally.

The speaker says nothing new here, we have heard it all before and thought of it ourselves, yet, before we realize it, ego says yes but, and the whole mental rat race starts all over again. Babaji has given us valuable tools to help us out of this jungle in our head. Singing the aarti, doing some mala’s or sitting in fire ceremonies by itself is not enough. We need to apply consciousness to these sacred practices to take full effect. We need to check our intention, dedication & devotion, work on our pronunciation, become aware of the meanings and practice whole heartedly.

The prostrations we make in front of Babaji’s images is really a practice that needs to take place practically from minute to minute and weaved into our every action and thought. This takes lots of effort and will not happen overnight, but it is the real reason why we have taken birth, doing our karma’s and realize our Divine nature. This is true bhakti in action from moment to moment. The great transformation from me and mine to US. This sacred fire in front of us waiting patiently for our attention is a ritual of transformation where our offerings with Sanskrit mantra’s is transformed in sacred vibrations that nurture creation at it’s deepest level. We are part of that creation and being here now is a great blessing. It is not really important if you are standing in the back or if you sit here to offer here to receive these blessings. Our Brother Pujari, King of Holland in exile in Russia will now guide us into this havan ceremony while our Pandit Maarten Baba and the celebrated Hargovind Baba are reciting the Sanskrit Mantra’s and Sloka’s together.





by Raghuvir



Guru Purnima in Switzerland including the last one – Batchuli (First picture : unknown)

Bhole Baba Bhakti Festival in Holland – Vasanti

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