Haidakhandi International Journal 16

by Rob and Gaby
The theme ‘Embodying Babaji’ has certainly stirred the pot.   A number of contributors struggled to relate to it – including the Editors – but that’s what we came up with six months ago ! We have tried to make this Journal as much a discussion/debating publication as a newsletter. This current theme has raised enquiry and some bewilderment. It has provoked an interesting debate between a more literal and exoteric interpretation as opposed to a more symbolic and esoteric way of relating to it. Some see it as one of the deepest mysteries of Haidakhan Babaji’s legacy to all, others see it as relating to the ‘body’ of our community, and yet others see it as a dangerous assertion that could lead to ego inflation. Babaji teaches each of us in our own individualistic ways, resulting in different understandings as to who He is and what He embodied when he was amongst us in human form.
It also, inadvertently, highlighted another issue: namely the fact that the editors and their advisory board are predominantly Western. In the past this has contributed to the journal carrying more of a Western than an Indian flavour, which hopefully can be redressed. Being in the West the editors are less able to interview our Indian brothers and sisters on the themes of each journal. Maybe the themes themselves are too Western in culture? We therefore need more input from India. Also we hope to get more Indian influence on the editorial advisory board.    We all really need to ask ourselves whether we feel inspired to be involved in a new journal style or newsletter, new themes or no theme, a new format, and new editors, if the answer is yes, please step forward and help.
The Haidakhandi International Journal (HIJ) is at present edited and published by Rob and Gaby in Oxford and supported by the Jai HO admin group and the Editorial Advisory Board of Alok, Raghuvir, Gayatridevi, Lok Nath, and Kharku.   Publication is on the websites: hi-journal.com/ and www.haidakhandisamaj.org. The Editors do not take responsibility for individual’s stories or articles. We often need to edit information sent to us for the purpose of shortening the length of articles or improving written English or presentation.
Please contact the Editors on info@oxford-transpersonal.co.uk

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JOURNAL 16 - Embodying Babaji




Embodying Babaji 

Gurupurnima in Rieferath 

News from India

Notes from America – by Loknath

A story of Babaji by Raghuvir

Divine Recipes

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