Happy New Year ???

By Raghuvir

Surely I wish you all a Happy New Year Brothers and Sisters

But I do not believe at all that it is going to be one…..This is not a happy year stretch of time. A new president, a virus vaccine, an end to lockdown or what ever is not going to do the job of creating happy times.
This is the Kranti manifesting as fore told by Babaji and others. It is a time of profound change happening under the influence of unfavourable astrological constellations and accumulated collective karma from humanity with our fear, insatiable greed and other lower tendencies that are holding back our human evolution. Let us for now be very grateful that it is manifesting with a fairly innocent virus and not as Ebola virus or a nuclear holocaust. This is however not a message of doom & despair but is intended as a reality check and inspiration to be responsible and play your part.

This kranti in manifesting through us, You, Me and the rest of humanity. Lord Shiva or Babaji is not coming down from mount Kailash and will fork the evil doers on His trishul and things will be OK again. That is a wonderful timeless representation in a mythological way but these astrological influences are really manifesting themselves through humanity, through us and can create all sorts of anxieties and distortions of reality from within. Depending on our psychological make up and karma it will dress up in cloaks of fear, anger, impatience, being a victim etc in our conscious and unconscious mind appearing as our new reality. The influence of Maya is very strong and not to be underestimated for half a second and saint and sinner is harassed by this!

We stand by our Lord who is dancing this profound change into being by manifesting, co creating the new world by Seva, service to humanity, sharing and living Babaji’s message of Truth, Simplicity and Love in an active way. Now more than ever it is of the greatest importance to repeat the name of the Divine ( Mantra’s ) doing Japa. Babaji told us that in doing so our heart and mind will be purified. This will surely help as a protection against all these malefic influences raving humanity and pave the road to find God within. Havan and even doing puja is not accessible for everybody but Japa and the repetition of the name of the Divine is. Having no time, don’t know how, do not feel like now or what ever excuse our twisted mind can produce will just be self condemning and turn us into cannon fodder for onslaught in the kranti. Your action is required in an ever increasing manner,

Phuro, Be inspired!

Bhole Baba ki Jai !

P.S. Raghuvir does not pretend to know anything more or better than you. I somehow feel compelled to write this things and purely are meant to inspire you to do more in these troubled times to manifest the Divine on earth and within.

to make a new beginning

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