Havan talks (Guru Purnima 2016 Holland)

by Raghuvir


16th July

Trishul_Moon_by_GayatriWelcome brothers & sisters to SadaShiva Dham. We are celebrating the Guru, the one leading us from darkness to light which for most of us here is personalized in Babaji. We are also celebrating that this wonderful ashram exists for 25 years, a quarter of a century.

This beautiful place is an expression of devotion of Babaji’s devotees.

Babaji played the major role however in the manifestation of all this and with out that, this would not have been possible. We, His devotees, just needed to be at the right time and place willing to serve Him.

Thank you all for your help and doing your part to be here now to share this joyous moment together. We all have Babaji in our hearts and when we are gathering His presence is manifesting amongst us. His manifested spirit will inspire others who come for the first time and also those who may have lost that inspiration under the burden that daily life can have.

We only need to come together in His name, be willing to serve Him and each other and the Divine spirit prevails. What a great blessing to this in our lives : Bhole Baba ki Jai !

Babaji_FireWelcome to the new comers. No need to become a Hindu or anything different than you really are. The Divine resides in every ones heart, the point is how much we are aware of our Divine essence. Leave any ideas of separation and enjoy that Divine essence which unites us as children of the Divine.

This Fire ceremony is an old Vedic ritual where we are offering specific ingredients while Maarten Baba, our cherished Dutch pandit, will recite the sacred Sanskrit mantra’s. In this way, we invoke the various Divine aspects in our actions and we nurture the creation of which we are part of at it’s core. To receive blessings, it is not important whether you offer, stand or sit somewhere here. It is important to have a still and focused mind on what is happening here. For this international celebration, Shri Karkhu Anand will lead us into the first havan of the 4 days yagna dedicated to the Sathguru, Shri Shri 1008 Herakhan Whale Baba. He is ready to give, are you ready to receive ? Bhole Baba ki Jai !!!


17th July

Water_Flowers_Fruits_by_GayatriWelcome again here at Sadashiva Dham as we have entered the 2nd day of this Guru Purnima celebration. We are also celebrating that this ashram of Babaji was founded 25 years ago in this beautiful area out of devotion. It was not created as a clubhouse only for ourselves to do our devotional practices for our beloved Guru who took Samadi over 32 years back. Babaji’s presence is alive and dynamic as we can experience here now. This ashram is a source of Divine light where everybody can come to fill up with Divine nectar. The nature here is gorgeous but as humans we are trying at a global scale to destroy it almost as fast as we can. The air, water, the land, the animal kingdom and each other. How can we as small individuals do something about such a huge problem ? This earth is not our personal property, we are borrowing it from out future generations. Let us guide and inspire the young and bright to come here to think and act different than we have been doing. Are we qualified to do so ? Can we pass high values to them instead of our own fears, anger, greed for more and other negative tendencies we have ? How can we break the cycle which spirals down the human existence on earth. By starting ourselves with this awareness ! There are many ways and we have fantastic ashrams in the name of Babaji, Babaji a guide of humanity, the Guru of Guru’s.Youth_Yagya_by_Yashoda
What a great platform to work from for our spiritual progress and with many possibilities for all sorts of practical
matters. In the process of doing such things together with our wide variety of personalities, there are so many important things to learn to advance on our spiritual path of becoming a wholesome human being. It will be challenging but prime material to learn about ourselves which is one of the main reasons for us being here in a body on earth.

So brothers & Sisters, up to the next 25 years of SadaShiva Dham from here. The inspired next generation will carry Babaji’s light and name into the future. There for today Shri Darmananda will lead the 2nd havan of the 4 day international Guru Purnima Yagna.


18th July

Welcome brothers & sisters to the third day of the international Guru Purnima celebration. Gathering eagerly again around this holy fireplace as ONE. As one but all different expressions of the Divine with the same Divine essence. Our personalities, our ego is generally focused on our differences and prevents to see how similar we really are. We are have a body, mind and emotions, we all need love, food, clothes, a place to live etc. whether we are male, female, white or black, old or young. Babaji loves everybody so how can we judge and feel better or more than others?


Thru almost 14 Billion years since the big bang, we have arrived from the same source to this wonderful, miraculous, striving, warring, industrious humanity that we are now. Babaji has often spoken about a profound change of our world which is soon to take place. He spoke of a world of justice and harmony where the goat can drink from the same well as the lion. The only thing we can do in the midst of this turmoil in our world is to call on the Divine in our actions by repeating the holy names and be aware of our divine essence which unites us. By being more aware of our common Divine essence in our lives we will fall less in the trap of being focused on the differences between us which leads to confrontation internally and externally. This is daily practice, actually from moment to moment and will create fertile ground for growth of the new world our beloved Babaji has spoken of.

Today, Raghuvir Sharan Chaudery will lead this 3rd havan of this 4 day yagna dedicated to the Guru of guru’s Shri Shri 1008 Herakhan whale Baba. Shri Maarten Acharya will recite the Sanskrit mantra’s & sloka’s to call on the Divine to collect our offerings. Bhole Baba ki Jai !


19th July

There is a full moon on the rise brothers and sisters. Today is the Full moon of Guru Purnima and the actual day we celebrate that force which leads us from darkness to light, from ignorance to consciousness. Truly that is formless and present in every heart but as ignorant humans stumbling around in darkness we do not have much chance to find or know that light in our heart being focused always in the general confusion of me and mine in our mind. It is pure Grace that the guru manifests in various forms to guide humanity. Here we are graced by Babaji who came in various delightful forms to inspire, guide and support us on our path of becoming wholesome human beings, recognizing their Divine essence.

BBJ1To be closer to Him, we need to do the work of focusing on him by Japa and chanting His names, talk about Him and invite Him more and more in all different aspects of our life. It does not stop at the temple door but is also expressed in how we treat each other, how we work and live together in His name. With such practice, Babaji will be so comfortable residing in our flowering hearts. The choice is ours, brothers and sisters, how close we want to be our Guru, and is determined by our actions. Babaji is the Sathguru, the Guru of guru’s, the supreme father and we are highly blessed to be looked after by such a high and sweet Master. How joyously in a powerful way, He has manifested amongst us in this beautiful place in these days. He is so great that if we do more, He will do lots and lots more. Therefor, put your focus on Him, support His ashrams so more people can come to know of Him and in turn your life with be filled with Him. These are difficult times and inviting Babaji in your life with action in His name will certainly determine how you will experience these turbulent times. For now, in this sacred ritual, drop all your worries and thoughts, focus on Him and receive His Divine light in your open heart and peaceful, joyful mind. Maarten Baba will now recite the sacred mantra’s and sloka’s during the last havan with his one pointed devotion.

Babaji made him 33 years ago the king of Holland and so on this blessed day, Pujari will lead us all into the Guru Purnima havan leading to the poornahooti of this 4 day yagna dedicated to our beloved Babaji. So much grace, he has bestowed on us all here at SadaShiva Dham, Bhole Baba ki Jai ! Jagatguru Haidhakan bhagwan ki Jai !

For those leaving soon, thank you for coming and celebrating this with us here, it would not have been the same without you. Travel safely and spread His message of love & light by your actions everywhere you go and know that you are loved.

If you can stay behind, enjoy the heavenly energy a bit more and help to clean up the ashram to put it back to normal, it is highly appreciated.

As a last part of the puja it is also to put a little something into the pocket of our Acharya Maarten Baba, if you agree with me that he has done a wonderful job with the various recitals and puja’s here.

Well, Brothers and Sisters, all is said and this powerful ritual is waiting to be performed, let us unite our hearts and do what needs to be done. It has not been possible to fulfill everybody’s desire to sit at the havankund, my excuses for that, but let that not influence your mood here now.

Bhole Baba ki Jai !



Pictures by Gayatri, Jaman Singh and Yashoda

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