Havan training program in Holland


Dear Brothers and Sisters



Fire has been a very important part of human evolution and started many thousands of years back.

The old Rishis  knew this very well and have developed a powerful system sort of recycling system with fire where ingredients offered to the fire are transformed in energy that nurtures nature, of which we are part, on different levels. Feeding the Gods ( Our higher nature) that will in turn feed us.

Babaji was advocating practicing Yagna by being a great example Himself. It is important that we do it with the right intension and follow the correct procedures.

Pujari and Maarten Baba are proposing a course how to do this according the Haidakhandi system.

With limited availability it is advised to book rather sooner then later.

Havan & Puaj training at Sada Shiva Dham in Holland 21-24 August.

Starting right after the Bhakti Festival with Pujari and Maarten Baba.


Learn how to practice puja and havan in a 4day training with basic mantra’s and instructions according to the Haidiyakhandi system.

Puja and havan sets and books will be available at the ashram.

Food and lodging at the ashram for 4 days is 100 Euro and the training there is a suggested donation of 108 Euro. There is a maximum of 20 participants so book early.

Signing up ; sadashivadham@babaji.nl

Info ;www.babaji.nl


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