Praying_handsThe Haidakhandi Healing Circle is a group of people who join together to serve by offering daily prayers, meditation or chanting for the peace and welfare of our planet and for the healing of people who make requests for themselves and others.



Haidakhan Babaji

While initiated by devotees of Haidakhan Baba (Babaji) who live around the planet, all people are invited and welcome to join in with their prayers.


Join as a member


Haidakhandi Healing Circle members commit to pray daily for the healing requests (see form below), the members of the circle, themselves and our greater good. Any prayer, meditation, chanting or healing practice you feel appropriate can be used.


To send a request, please fill the following form :

Unless otherwise specified, the request will stay private and will be only be communicated to the members of the Haidakhandi Healing Circle.




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