Haidakhandi International Journal 15

We were delighted to have received 17 contributions from ‘Next Generation’ younger people for this edition of the Journal. It’s a clear statement of so many to participate, and help the oldies with the succession issues surrounding our Babaji communities today.  If we lend an ear to these voices we can learn about how to take our Babaji family forward.   We may feel we are losing some of them to a bigger world, some might be less drawn to our traditional ceremonies and rituals, but it is gratifying to see how the Babaji tradition has helped lay down wonderful foundations of humanitarianism and Truth, Simplicity and Love in their lives. If we want younger people to stay connected to our ashrams and centres we will need to add programmes in addition to our pujas. They call out for practical teachings of how to live in today’s world, particularly in holistic and ecological ways. These can comfortably sit alongside our wonderful devotional practices.


This is why Jai HO has founded the Next Generation Gatherings. Please encourage anyone between 18 and 40 years old, who has already been introduced to the Babaji scene, to attend the next programme in Rieferath – the organisers are determined to address some of the needs expressed by the younger people in this Journal.


Please continue your support of Babaji’s charitable hospitals and ashrams in India both by coming to our festivals and Ashrams, and by donating to our Indian charitable projects (See: hi-journal.com/index.php/news-from-india/open-giving-site-for-donating-to-indian-hospitals-and-ashrams/. The Haidakhandi International Journal (HIJ) is edited and published by Rob and Gaby in Oxford and supported by the Jai HO admin group and the Editorial Advisory Board of Alok, Gayatri Devi, Lok Nath, Raghuvir and Kharku.   Publication is on the websites: hi-journal.com/ and www.haidakhandisamaj.org. The Editors do not take responsibility for individual’s stories or articles. We often need to edit information sent to us for the purpose of shortening the length of articles or improving written English or presentation.

Please contact the Editors on   info@oxford-transpersonal.co.uk


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