I am YOU

By Raghuvir

Tvameva mata cha pita tvameva, tvameva bandhushcha sakha tvameva. Tvameva vidya cha dravinam tvameva, tvameva sarvam mama deva deva.

You alone are mother and father to me, you are my best friend and all my relations, you are knowledge and abundance, you are everything to me, my lord.

This well known sloka appears in various aarti’s and hymns in India. These words invite to a complete surrender and we embody that by bowing down while singing those sentences in our Aarti.
It depends a lot on our karma’s how the relations with family, friends and the world expresses itself in our life. Strenuous relationships are emotionally hard and often create more challenging karma’s, while great relations are nurturing for our life but also create attachments, expectations etc and create fresh bondage to life.
Personally I don’t think it is implied here that we all leave our relations with family and life to concentrate on the Divine only but rather see the Divine everywhere all the time. Maya is incredibly strong and treacherous particularly in the area that is mentioned in this sloka for it has roots in our DNA, karma and our emotions. To constantly recognize the Divine here, whether that Maya presents itself in a lovely or harsh manner in our life, is true surrender and a life time process for most of us. It is much easier to feel compassion for hungry children or people suffering from war somewhere far away or for a dog treated badly by somebody than for people really close to you when they do not treat you nicely. It is easy to see the Divine shining in the face of a happy baby but when a badly behaving drunk yells at you in his confused state it is a lot more challenging even if God is present in both.

If we do contemplate on these things for ourselves, and we do recognize our entanglements with various aspects of our life, it is good to realize that everybody else around us is going through this process. Whether they are challenging family members, unfavorable public characters or any other undesired person running through your awareness. It is Not personal, they are caught in their web as we are caught in ours. The deeper reality, as a great saint once expressed, is that there are no others. We do not see the world as it is, we see it as we are, our world is a reflection of ourselves.

I am YOU

That may be hard to accept for all the peaceful vegetarians, asura combatting and loving people amongst us……but hey you’ve come a long way if you really are a model human being at this point. I do still get lost in impatience or get angry when expectations are not met but feel grateful when I catch up with the Maya playing with me. With mindfulness and practice it may all fall away one fine day, one very fine day !

These are perilous times however, the world we know is on fire. Thank God it is, Lord Shiva is dancing, Babaji came for this. We are so fortunate to know Him and His teachings and see the New World taking shape safely from under His wings. It is by no means going to be easy even if for most of us it will be only witnessing this gran theater playing out. As individuals we cannot change the script by playing a role or having an opinion but we can build a solid foundation within ourselves with sincere practice. How solid, depends on your sincerity and amount of your practice. If the world is a reflection of ourselves we should be able to bring the Divine on earth with practice and besides serving humanity around you, the only useful thing we can all do by ourselves, everywhere all the time to build on this New World. There is no better time than NOW.

Bhole Baba ki Jai !

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