I am your goal

by Raghuvir 

One evening Babaji was interrupting the kirtan and giving a speech sitting on His assan in Herakhan. I was standing next to Him listening attentively. At a certain point He said that it is important to be determined to reach your goal. My mind drifted off……

Since I had met Babaji I had given up all goals as well as the idea of a goal. I also thought that this was the whole point on the path of surrender I was following now I had been so fortunate to meet Him in this life. When the speech was over and the kirtan resumed I was still pondering on all of this.

At a certain point I leaned over to Babaji and said;  Baba, you say to be determined to your goal but I have no goal since I live here with You. He smiled looked deeply into my eyes and beat on His chest and said “ I am your goal “ !

That certainly made my day………

 Baba & Me

Well 33 years have passed and I have reflected on this from many angles. No big revelation and no wave of ecstasy has shifted my vision into a permanent Divine harmonic state. However close I was to Him for these 3 years I spend with Him then, He did not appear to me or any 3D visions apart from several dreams thru the years.  

“I am you” Babaji said to us, but from how I experienced Him I do not feel anything like that now. I do have experiences with Babaji being also now very very close but am not talking about this here.

After His, for me completely unexpected Samadi, I was somehow waiting for His return for some years until I realised that this waiting for Him cannot not be His message. I saw how many people had deep experiences with Babaji coming after His Samadi and also now without even Muniraj’s guidance this is still happening. The marvellous years being with Him had left me with quite some attachment for His form. How ever fantastically wonderful that was, the main thing is to realise Him in my heart, formless and timeless and to be aware of that 24 hours a day .


Babaji did not want to create another religion He said, but He honoured all religions. As insecure individuals we love to be part of a group. If we are born into a religion this is even more so. Our personality, ego loves these belief systems and defends their religion over the other one often till death. In the monotheistic religions this is most evident but since it springs from our ego it is present in us as people and is therefor also present in Santa Dharma and Buddhism. What ever Babaji has taught us about no cast and creed and that there should be no differences between us, our fears push us to highlight the differences between us and “the others” in our restless mind again and again. This is also our yoga, our sadhana and spiritual practice to become aware of these processes inside of us.


Babaji has and is showing us the way to calm our mind, to direct our actions toward seva, serving others. As His devotees we speak about Truth, Simplicity and Love but if we get excited if somebody puts his shoes or wears the wrong dress in the wrong place and convey this with frustration we really need to check with ourselves if this is Babaji’s message we are expressing. And this goes for any action we perform in HIs name. If Babaji did not want to create another religion, we better not start doing one now in His name.

When we seek Him with Love in our heart and try to let go of all the concepts in our mind He will surely be there for you.

Bhole Baba ki Jai !


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  1. narinder pal yadav

    Om Namah Shivay, Bhole Baba Ki Jai! Very nicely summed up the essence of life. The day we realise WE are ONE with HIM, we will attain MOKSH.

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