Inner Exercises

with Rob Rob


Carl Jung wrote:   “Thunder is no longer the voice of an angry god… No river contains a spirit… no snake the embodiment of wisdom, no mountain cave the home of a great demon. No voices now speak to man from stones, plants and animals, nor does he speak to them thinking they can hear. His contact with nature has gone, and with it has gone the profound emotional energy that this symbolic connection supplied.”    Our symbolic connection to our inner world is also all but lost. Modern education and culture over-emphasises the rational, analytic, judgmental mind. Living a healthy life requires of us to also attend to the inner world of our psyche – the world of the imagination, dreams, feelings and intuitions. We need to reconnect to the mystical both within ourselves and in Nature.


This workshop has a strong symbolic content. We are connecting to the time-honoured symbols of the Feminine and Masculine principles in all life – Yin and Yang – and how they operate and have manifested inside us. By connecting to these energies inside, it helps us understand how we operate in the outer world.


  • The first exercise is a guided visualisation to find the masculine and feminine within, in symbolic form. We will lie back, close our eyes and be guided to allow images to emerge from the back of the mind, from the unconscious.   At the end there will be space to draw what comes up, and discuss in pairs.


  • After a tea break, the second exercise is a modification of a Gestalt psychology exercise.  It is aimed at looking within, with the eye of our wise compassionate observer, as to how our body, mind and emotions affect our daily life. We address problems and solutions regarding how body, mind and emotions operate together.   Once again this is a led enquiry which we do quietly with ourselves. At the end there will be opportunities to share in pairs what came up for us, if we wish to.


This half day workshop will take place on Sunday 2nd July 2017 at Bhole Baba Ashram (Rieferath, Germany)

For more information or participate, check Next Generation Gathering.

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