International Gurupurnima Celebrations 2016 Report


by Sanjeev Sarna

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From 16 to 19 July 2016 you are welcome to attend the international Guru Purnima celebrations at Sada Shiva Dham. If will be a full program of 4 days, with Paduka Puja, Aarti, Havan (vedic fire ceremony), kirtan, satsang, karma-yoga.

You can already register here.

Guru Purnima is the celebration of the inner and outer Guru. For our ashram is this festival dedicated to Mahavatar Haidakhan Babaji and Shri Muniraj Maharaj, who are the inspiration and guiding force for the ashram. The Guru remembers us that the inner Truth, Wisdom and Love is to find deep within ourselves. The outer and inner Guru represents the Light that dispels darkness.


For lodging during the Guru Purnima celebrations, from Friday 15 July to Tuesday July 19, you have a number of choices. Here you find the possibilities and the costs, which include also taking part in the ashram festivities, karma yoga, and vegetarian meals.

  • There are almost no 1-person rooms: please take contact.
  • A sleeping place in a 2 to 4 persons room; in the ashram or in the nearby Maitreya Institute: 45 euros per person per day / night, inclusive of meals etc.
  • A sleeping place in a dormitory at the ashram or in the nearby Maitreya Institute: 35 euros.
  • You can bring your own tent or have a sleeping place a dormitory tent on the ashram premises: 30 euros.
  • In the nearby area are holiday parks, where you can rent a chalet for yourself, with your friends, or with your family. For information: Landal Green Park Heideheuvel, or Droompark Beekbergen.  These chalets you have to book yourself. The ashram fee will be 25 euro per day.
  • If you find your own place for lodging, then the ashram fee for taking part in the celebrations and meals etc. is 25 euro per day.
  • For families: please take contact. For children up to 10 years, and for youth from 10 to 18 there is a discount.

Please note: We hope that we are able to lodge everybody according to their wish. But, we don’t know how many (special) guests, older people and maybe people with some physical discomfort, we have to give for instance a place in a room in the ashram. The same is applicable for some volunteers who have a solid karma yoga task. And we have only a limited number of rooms in the ashram.  So, it could be that we have to lodge some people in another place than they wish for. Hope you understand. 

Please note: The contribution during Guru Purnima is higher than on ‘normal’ ashram days due to higher costs during Guru Purnima !




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