Its Naumi today

Today is the 9th and last day of Navaratri, it is called Naumi in India. This final day Siddhidatri Ma is presiding, in this form Durga removes ignorance and she provides the knowledge to realize that. The Siddhi that she provides is the realization that only she exists. As we sing in our last sentence in our Aarti:

Amba Amba, Jai Jagdamba, Sarva rupa he TU he Amba,

Oh Mother of the world, all forms are You.

She is the mistress of all achievements and perfections. According to Puranas, there are eight types of siddhis ( spiritual powers ) which one must possess to attain complete knowledge and to gain divinity. Legend has it that Lord Shiva possesses all these eight siddhis which were given to him by Siddhidatri because of his true devotion. As such, his body thus transformed into that of Ardhanareshwar form of half Shiva and half Shakti.

This was our second ‘digital’ Navaratri and we are getting better at the digital part now with the Indian Samaj having having life streamed every detail, everyday. Wonderful now the Corona ghost has practically locked down the whole world we are still able to follow a lot of the puja’s on line but it is still a very thin experience, looking at a screen versus actually being there. The vibrations of the place and the puja’s, are making a big difference particularly when we are in many. However the things we do and the usual things we do not do anymore for those days, the focus we have is creating the dept of the experience can be done everywhere has been my experience and I know I am not alone there. That it is a lot more effort to stay focussed not being in an ashram has also been my experience but maybe it is time for change, time to grow up. I have serious doubts that life will be “normal again’” soon if ever at all. Even if it is hard to let go of that ‘certainty’ of the past it is maybe not so bad as so much injustice is coming to Light.

The time to set it right has come and that is Babaji’s mission in this period in time. We have been promised this change that is about to come is bigger than we can imagine. Most of us could not have imagined last year that such a small virus could have spiralled the whole world out of control setting many other things in motion. It is the time for this, written in the stars and I am not sure if it is useful to keep pointing at the ‘guilty’ puppets on stage.
Practice and prayer will protect you and your loved ones and doing it more will give so much more satisfaction than, I am tired, I am not in the mood, Netflix & Facebook and so many other things our mind can come up with. I find personally that it is not so easy to give up some of these habits that have slipped in looking so innocent and fun.

Durga Maya ki Jai !

Siddidatri Devi ki Jai!

Hamare Bhole Baba ki Jai !

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