Jai Hanuman !

When Rama asks Hanuman: ” How do you look at me?” Hanuman gives a three-part answer: ” When I believe I am the body, then I am your faithful servant. When I know I’m the soul, I know myself for being a spark of your eternal light. And when I have a vision of truth, you and I, my Lord, are the same.”

It reads like life as Babaji’s devotee in one sentence…..
Babaji was continuously inspiring us to serve humanity (HIM) in all our actions. The essence of His main teaching Karma yoga.
When deeply immersed in our practices or being present in His ashrams during auspicious days we feel connected to everybody seeing Light in each others eyes. The we are One sensation is opening our hearts and we get further inspired in our devotion and actions.
Most of all is the occasional deep vision or perhaps more realization where we feel “I AM YOU”. When rational thought stops, and well being, without any particular reason engulfs our whole system and we feel One with everything that is. Like the Divine is One with everything that exists.

How can we have more of such visions is through the practices Babaji has given us.
The hunger and desire to connect deeper with the Divine, with Babaji is like a small flame in us that by kindling with practice and focus will become stronger. Faith is of key importance here.

Hanuman Ji always by the side of The Divine Mother.

Hanuman is the perfect example of Faith, determination and Devotion. To make these wonderful qualities yours, the Hanuman chalisa is a God given instrument. More is helpful but least once a day helps to keep doubts and fear away.

Bajaranga Bali ki Jai !

Bhole Baba ki Jai !

Durga Maya ki Jai!

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