Jai HO (Jai Haidakhandi Outreach) is an impulse for renewal, cooperation and love within the international Babaji community. It was born out of the gathering of many devotees from around the world who have expressed an urgent need for support to Babaji’s hospitals and communities world-wide. An initiative to promote Babaji’s teachings which embraces all religions and spiritual paths.


Although they live actively in our hearts, Sri Babaji, and Munirajji have left their bodies and direct physical guidance through them is no longer available. In order to continue and thrive as a spiritual family and global community of diverse people without the presence of a living master, Jai HO seeks to engage and interact in a way that will examine and inspire our activities and structures for a positive future of our community.

  • To this end, we invite a spirit of radical and far-reaching inquiry and opening of ourselves within the Babaji community.
  • We are creating for this questioning and conversation, in a spirit of truth, simplicity and love, a platform of relationships, celebrations, collaborations, learning, and on-line presence.
  • We seek to help focus and support Babaji Ashrams, Centres and interest groups.


Jai HO is a big vision and still needs inspired karma yogis to carry one or more projects still waiting to be realised. It has also an aim to gather and involve as many people as possible to help fulfill these objectives.


  1. Next Generation:

To encourage the involvement of younger and next generation people who are inspired to carry on the work into the future both to maintain and improve our ashrams and initiate new projects and ideas.

  1. Support, Education and Practices: 

To develop resources of teaching and practice that have proven to be effective for individual and community.

To organize visits/tours to ashrams for satsang and bhajans; provide training/support for puja, japa and meditation; offer teachings and share communication skills; facilitate conflict resolution when and where requested;

To explore with Ashrams and Centres how to help with local community needs through local voluntary service projects, and to encourage business opportunities.

  1. Communication:

To maintain an internet presence (website, Facebook, etc.); work with the Indian Haidakhandi Samaj to publish and promote the Haidakhandi International Journal, books and material related to Babaji’s Teachings ; network between ashrams, centres, and devotees, and to encourage increased support of initiatives.

  1. International Fund Development:

To support fundraising groups in countries where there are Babaji projects, and allocate funds in accordance with the vision and objectives of Jai HO.


Jai HO is born out of those who initiated and inspired the ongoing Gurupurnima celebrations in Europe since 2004. It was formed as an international compliment to the Indian Haidakhandi Samaj. Both exist to be and act in alignment with the sacred Presence of Babaji and to work together. The Administrative Group has initiated this project as a charitable/not-for-profit entity.

Jai HO offers cooperation, coordination, support, education and networking functions as an advisory group for Ashrams, Organizations, Centres and Networks including Interest Groups for Health & Healing, Education, Sustainable Living, Business and the Arts.

The Admin Group includes : Gayatri (USA), Jamuna (Thailand), Kharku (Thailand), Lok Nath (USA), Nan Singh (Australia), Pujari (Netherlands), Raghuvir (Thailand), Rob (UK), Sanjeev (India), Sundar (Switzerland), Vandana (UK).


Some of our current outreach

Since Gurupurnima 2014, Jai HO has :

  • Fundraising – raised over US$15,000 for Jai HO work from the Admin Group. Facilitated contributions to Indian Babaji hospitals and renovation of Haidakhan Ashram through PayPal in US and Europe
  • Publications – published the Haidakhandi International Journal (www.hi-journal.com), Sapta Sati, Harmonium Aarti book, Navaratri booklet, Havan booklet… in cooperation with the Haidakhandi Samaj
  • Web Presence – www.jai-ho.org website offers news/information and platforms for Karma Yoga, Haidakhandi Healing Circle, etc….
  • NGG – Organised Next Generation Gatherings to encourage and equip the next generation and raise awareness of ashram succession plans



Future Projects

  •  Support ashrams /centres with visits from long time devotees.
  • Fundraising with ashrams and other Babaji projects
  • Organizing a more centralized distribution of publications
  • Translation of 6 books by Shri Mahendra Maharaj
  • Collecting all Babaji speeches to expand the current « Teachings of Babaji » book. Re-editing and re-publication of Babaji’s literature in India
  • International networking of Interest groups
  • Education projects
  • Spiritual Book Club: group conversations about holy books, such as the Bhagavad Gita and the Shri Sadashiva Charitamrita.

Join the Cause

Please help in one or more of these projects, suggest new projects, and if possible contribute with your money and time.


Contact Jai HO admin group  here (Raghuvir)

You can also meet some of us at every big event of our community: Kirtan Festival, Gurupurnima, Navaratris, etc…

Next 2018 Dates (Switzerland):

Join our Facebook pages like :  Haidakhandi Health and Healing Group, Haidakhandi Musicians and Tour Group, Haidakhandi Craft and Business Group, etc

To contact the Jai HO admin group, please do not hesitate to write to Raghuvir or Mukundi here.

Download and print the Jai HO brochure :

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