Since Gurupurnima 2014, Jai HO has :

  • Collected more than US$5000 for its work
  • Fundraised more than €3000 for the Bhole Baba Ashram in Cisternino to be renovated
  • Supported 2015 Gurupurnima in Cisternino
  • Facilitated donations to Indian Babaji hospitals and renovation of Haidakhan Ashram through Paypal in US and Europe
  • Supported the publication of the International Haidakhandi Journal
  • Produced a document on ‘Helpful Communication and Conflict Resolution Practices’ and offered and financed a group facilitator to ashrams & centers who need it
  • Supporting the organization of a kirtan festival to fundraise money for Hospital like the kirtan Benefit Festival in Holland
  • Supported various country’s ashrams /centers with visits from long time devotees like in the Swedish Ashram in summer 2016. 
  • Started a Haidakhandi Healing Circle
  • Organized a Next Generation Gathering in 2016 and 2017
  • Worked for new publications of the Haidakhandi Samaj like
    • Aarati  for harmonium players
    • Haidakhandi Sapta Sati
    • Havan Mantras Book
    • Navaratri booklet in English, Italian, German and Russian
  • Offering a Karma Yoga Exchange platform
  • Supporting Indian Samaj in organising courses of Music studies, Sanskrit and Hindi learning and pronunciations, Havan and puja, Ayurveda massage trainings.



  • Fundraising to help ashrams and other Babaji projects
  • Encouraging the next generation to get further involved and raising awareness of ashram succession plans
  • Organizing a tour by old devotees/ musicians to help raise support for ashrams and centres that might want a visit
  • Organising a more centralized distribution of publications
  • Collecting all Babaji speeches so that we can expand the current « Teachings of Babaji » book. Re-editing and re-publication of Babaji’s literature in India
  • Most beautiful aarti book coming out later this year 2017.
  • A collection of several books 4,5,6 or so from Mahendra Maharaj. Let’s say the collective works of Shri Mahendra Maharaj professionally translated and bound in one book.
  • A video about Who is Babaji…Munindra, Bhole Baba and the teachings.
  • Supporting Indian Samaj in organisation of Yatra’s in the Himalaya’s

You can help with your ideas for the above or for new projects, skills, karma yoga and also financially.

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